Dones d’aigua by Sonia Alins

Impressive works create a surreal sense of dreams and nightmare.

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超现实主义和诗意是Sonia Alins最喜欢在自己的作品中表现的两个概念,同时反映了她在叙事结构方面的兴趣。在Sonia看来,作品中对内心世界的阐释不可或缺,角色必须充满情感和表现力,抓住观众的注意力并向他们倾诉自身的故事。她的作品通常只使用少量色彩,有些甚至快到单调乏味的地步。其画面干净犀利,有时形成巴洛克式的复杂结构,有时则以极简的图像呈现在人们面前。通常来说,作品的主题决定了她会采用何种形式。

Sonia Alins likes to develop her work with two concepts: surrealism and poetry and she also adds her interest in the narrative structure. To Sonia, there’s a need to explain the world inside her. Sonia’s characters have to be full of emotion and expression, they must tell a story and capture the viewer’s attention. Furthermore, the color palette is generally quite limited and in some cases it almost reaches drabness. As for the drawing, she want it to be very sharp and clean, sometimes forming very baroque compositions and, other times, minimalist and extremely simple illustrations. Usually, it is the subject of the artwork that leads her through one path or another.

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Into the water

Into the water_detail01

Into the water_detail02

Into the water_detail04

Into the water_detail03

Into the water_detail05

The “Dones d’aigua” (women in water) series is a very thoughtful and very polished series, from the first moment of conceptualization to further implementation. An ethereal idea of mystery and the fact of experimenting with different levels of transparency. It had to be treated in a minimalist way too. Finally, the characters in the scene are compact figures of big proportions emerging from the aquatic environment, unfamiliar and hostile for most of them, helpless and victims of fate.
Each art piece becomes a powerful atmosphere full of tension, creating a surreal sense of immersion in the world of dreams and nightmares.

The piece “Into the water” completes this series. this artwork, shortlisted at the World Illustration Awards 2016, represents several men and women wandering in an aquatic environment. They are desperately seeking survival, asking for help and clinging to the idea of escaping the emptiness surrounding them. The piece consists of illustrated figures, trimmed and arranged in a three-dimensional setting that offers depth levels and allows us to obtain multiple visual combinations of transparency and superposition.


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