To widely promote and publicize Environmentally sustainable architectural projects designed for human needs and able to meet the needs of present and future generations

Project Specs

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2021年10月,DnA建筑事务所凭借“豆腐工坊”赢得由意大利费拉拉大学建筑学院和Fassa S.r.l.颁发的Fassa Bortolo国际可持续建筑奖金奖。

Fassa Bortolo国际可持续建筑奖由“Fassa Bortolo”商标的持有者Fassa S.r.l.公司联合费拉拉大学建筑学院发起于2003年,旨在广泛地促进和宣传为人类需求而设计的、能够通过减少污染和对资源的肆意消耗来满足当代和未来需要的、环境可持续的建筑项目。基于以上目标,该奖项面向的作品包括:新建项目、重建项目、既有建筑扩建项目、城市规模的干预项目、景观设计项目以及其他任何明确表达可持续性理想的项目。

In October 2021, DnA_Design and Architecture was awarded Gold Medal in The Fassa Bortolo International Prize for Sustainable Architecture, conceived by Fassa S.r.l. and the Department of Architecture of the University of Ferrara.

The Fassa Bortolo International Prize for Sustainable Architecture was conceived in 2003 by Fassa S.r.l., owner of the trademark “Fassa Bortolo”, and the Department of Architecture of the University of Ferrara, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of its foundation, in order to widely promote and publicize environmentally sustainable architectural projects designed for human needs and able to meet the needs of present and future generations by limiting pollution and the indiscriminate consumption of resources. The Prize is therefore open to new works, redevelopments, existing building expansions, urban-scale interventions, landscape design and in any other project that clearly expresses the ideals of sustainability.

本届(第14届)Fassa Bortolo国际可持续建筑奖共颁发金奖、银奖、荣誉提名以及Fassa Bortolo特别奖四个奖项。DnA建筑事务所是获得金奖的唯一事务所。银奖分别由来自爱尔兰的Grafton Architects和来自墨西哥的Rootstudio & Paz Braga事务所获得。

Gold Medal: Tofu Factory, Zhejiang Province, China by DnA_Design and Architecture, China
Silver Medals: Town House, Kingston University, London, UK by Grafton Architects, Ireland and Girl Move Academy, Nampula, Mozambique by Rootstudio & Paz Braga, Mexico.



金奖获奖项目:豆腐工坊,浙江松阳 / DnA建筑事务所
The Gold Medal Awarded Project: Tofu Factory in Zhejiang, China by DnA_ Design and Architecture
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项目简介 | Project Statement




Caizhai Village is a traditional mountain village built along both banks of a river over the past two hundred years. The village has always been known for its best tofu production in the county region. But the products from the traditional family workshops could not fit into current food certificate standards to be able to sell in supermarket.

A new factory is programmed on a linear slope following the river by the village entrance, as a village collective economic entity on both on soybean supply and a villager union on tofu products, to upgrade the traditional tofu production. The villager union operates the factory to engage family workshops as shareholders of this collective economic entity. In this way, the villagers are the immediate beneficiary and many farmers join the unions as well.

The factory is both production and exhibition space of traditional heritage for Caizhai village, and has already welcomed groups of primary school students to experience traditional tofu making.

▼项目概览,project overall view ©王子凌

▼蔡宅村场地环境,context of Caizhai Village ©王子凌

▼通廊,the covered walkway ©王子凌

▼生产空间,production spaces ©王子凌

▼游客可以顺着楼梯按顺序观看到豆腐制作的整个过程 ©王子凌
visitors can take the steps up to observe the traditional tofu making process in sequence

▼品尝区,tasting hall ©王子凌

▼露台,terrace ©王子凌

▼轴测图,axo ©DnA建筑事务所

▼剖面图,Section ©DnA建筑事务所

▼轴测分解图,axo-exploded ©DnA建筑事务所

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