Discovery through Flat Photography, China by Liu Jiantao

Parallel projection of the world

Project Specs


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Photography tells a story through Angle, and the change of Angle can transform our consciousness of knowing and observing things. With the development of aerial photography technology, it is difficult to get access to aerial photography in the past and becomes popular. On the other hand, people can see the relationship between the environment and the outside more clearly, and gradually popularize the knowledge of macro perspective. As an architectural designer, I hope to explore another possibility of this digital art form by combining photography and design.


扁平 | Flat


Try to mix the concept of flatness into photography. Through the processing of artificial intelligence, the perspective is transformed into parallel projection, and the dimension of the scenery captured is transformed into two dimensions, so as to flatten the vision. It contains several levels of viewing experience. On the surface, the viewer intuitively feels the scale and composition of the image, and then can enjoy a scene, a thing, a plant and a tree in detail. Finally, through parallel line relations, the viewer can gain insight into the design and planning of things

▼新建筑系列,new architecture series


构成 | Constitute


Whether man-made or natural, they all have unique plane composition. Some continuously and regularly arrange the same or similar images, orderly and orderly visual image, presenting a harmonious and unified visual effect. Also, the relationship between image elements is similar to each other but not completely the same. Repeated use makes the design have a sense of unity. There is also the gradual and regular movement of the basic form or skeleton, which produces a sense of rhythm and rhythm.

▼景观系列,landscape series


肌理 | Texture


The texture of the landscape surface is conveyed through high pixels. Different materials have different physical properties, so there are different textures, such as dry and wet, smooth and rough, soft and hard, etc. At the same time, the clear texture shortens the distance between the picture and the viewer, enhances the sense of reality, and makes the high-altitude perspective feel closer and closer.

▼村落系列,village series

项目设计 & 完成年份:2018-2019

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