Digital light spectacle for the grand opening of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino by Float4 & DCL Communications

Grand Opening of The First Guitar-Shaped Hotel in the World

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▼酒店全景,overlook to the hotel

In a project managed, directed, engineered and installed by DCL (Design Communications Ltd)., Float4, an award-winning creative agency based in Montreal specializing in the integration of digital experiences into physical space, is proud to have designed and produced the digital light spectacle for the grand opening of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in the city of Hollywood, Florida. Float4 has also designed two more daily shows for the hotel’s LED facade. A first in the hotel and leisure industry around the world, the 400-ft tall guitar-shaped hotel is part of a property expansion estimated at $1.5 billion.

the 400-ft tall guitar-shaped hotel presenting a digital light spectacle

酒店的主立面兼具了媒体系统和动态雕塑的功能。立面上排列着16,800根V-Sticks(一种使用高性能LED的视频设备),为日常的音乐表演提供了展示视觉信息的屏幕和舞台。在表演的过程中,每根V-Stick的灯光将根据表演的内容呈现出不同的色彩、图案、变化速度以及变化方向。在节目的编排上,Float4和DCL与致力于推动固态LED技术发展的先驱公司SACO Technologies进行了合作。

The front facade of the hotel is both a media system and a dynamic sculpture – the building is lined with 16,800 V-Sticks (video fixtures using high-performance LEDs), which serve as a screen and stage to daily musical showcases. During a show, each V-Stick will light up with different colours, speeds, patterns or directions, depending on the content sequence the Float4 team designed. Float4 worked with DCL and SACO Technologies, a pioneer company dedicated to advancing solid-state LED technology in applications with lighting and media, to program and choreograph the shows.

the building is lined with 16,800 V-Sticks that can light up with different colours, speeds, patterns or directions depending on the content sequence

团队创建了酒店的CAD立体模型,并对每根单独的V-Stick进行了像素映射,从而得出它们在建筑上的分布位置、朝向以及信号流。团队还需创建一张检索表以供4 Karat RealMotion服务器从模型中提取内容然后将其输入到建筑本身。借助Float4软件开发者编写的解析程序,这些承载着约200万条数据的组件将被转化成可利用的数据串,这样,团队就可以编排与建筑既有的技术结构相对应的灯光秀内容。如果以逐条转化的方式来处理这些数据,大约需要4年才能完成。

A 3D CAD model of the hotel was created to pixel map each individual V-Stick, including its position on the building, the direction it was facing, and its signal flow. The team needed to create a lookup table that the 4 Karat RealMotion server could use to sample content from the model and output to the building itself. Using a parsing script written by Float4’s software developer, those components, which amounted to about 2 million pieces of data, were converted into usable data strings, so that the team could choreograph content that corresponded to the building’s existing technical infrastructure. Converting the data one by one would have taken about 4 years to finish.

▼灯光秀细节,digital light show

▼酒店立面,view to the facade


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