Detoxing Architecture from Inequalities: a Plural Act by RebelArchitette

An inspiring and powerful narrative with women architects and designers as protagonists

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致力于为女性建筑师搭建发展舞台的RebelArchitette协会近日在第17届威尼斯国际建筑双年展“我们将如何共同生活”上呈现了名为“Detox”的展览项目。该展览是意大利馆“弹性社区”主题展中的一部分,策展人由Alessandro Melis担任。

RebelArchitette “Detox” project lands at the Lagoon hosted by the Italian Pavilion curated by Alessandro Melis.

RebelArchitette, an association promoting female design on the international stage, is giving a voice to the exceptional work of Italian professionals as part of the Italian Pavilion Resilient Communities – Comunità Resilienti at the 17th Venice Biennale with the theme “How will we live together?”

▼展览概况,preview of the exhibition © Caterina Pilar Palumbo

RebelArchitette为展览提出了“Detoxing Architecture from Inequalities: a Plural Act”的标题,意为消除建筑世界中的不平等现象。展览以性别问题为出发点,并将开源工具作为展示媒介,创造出一场完全以女性建筑师和设计师为主角的富有震撼力的叙事。游走于虚拟的场景之间,参观者将看到137位意大利女性楷模的形象,并通过展览了解到她们的实践以及背后的故事。

The objective of the exhibition proposed by RebelArchitette, titled Detoxing Architecture from Inequalities: a Plural Act, is precisely that: to detox the world of architecture from inequalities. Taking the gender issue as the starting point, an issue still strongly felt in Italy, the team puts forward a female alternative making use of open source tools aimed first and foremost at the new generations. Exhibited in a fluid mode between the analogic and virtual worlds, 137 Italian female role models are revealed to be discovered: architects, designers, visionaries, bricklayers, influencers supported by a sincere archi-sisterhood and, yes, also archi-brotherhood.

▼“消除建筑世界中的不平等”展览现场,“Detoxing Architecture from Inequalities: a Plural Act” © Caterina Pilar Palumbo

▼女性建筑师和她们的作品讲解,the women architects and their projects © Caterina Pilar Palumbo


At the entrance, a photo booth characterised by a “rebel bolt” attracts the visitors with more affinity with social media using slogans praising equality and inclusion. At the same time, a series of disarming data demonstrates the gap in pay and visibility between female and male designers. Architecture in Italy sees a growing and determined female presence that still struggles to be visible in the media as well as culture, academia and design.

▼展墙上的数据揭示了女性与男性设计师在薪酬和知名度方面的差距 © Caterina Pilar Palumbo
a series of disarming data demonstrates the gap in pay and visibility between female and male designers

“这就是为什么,我们在整个展览中介绍了117个由杰出的意大利女性建筑师领导的工作室。展场中央的墙壁几乎完全被这些工作室的名字所覆盖,而Silvia Gin所拍摄的短片则精炼地描述了她们的作品。” 这些女性建筑师和设计师,她们有的经验丰富、已名声在外,有的则是刚从业不久。她们各自从事着不同规模和类型的项目,却因为对创新与研究的共同热情而团结起来。

“This is why the whole installation is dedicated to the display of 117 studios lead by exceptional Italian women architects.” The central wall is almost entirely covered by the names, while a rhythmic short film by Silvia Gin describes their projects. These are both established and up and coming women architects, young as well as experienced designers, each engaged in a different scale and types of projects. Still, all are united by the same desire for innovation and research. It’s not just about high-quality design, it is a new experience of entrepreneurship.

▼“Call Me By My Name”,展览中介绍了117个由杰出的意大利女性建筑师领导的工作室 © Caterina Pilar Palumbo
The whole installation is dedicated to the display of 117 studios lead by exceptional Italian women architects


#Rebelbiennale2021 is the hashtag chosen for a multimedia exhibition conceived as three interchangeable parts that allow an augmented, accessible and constantly evolving experience. As well as the physical space, a web platform is also accessible using a QR code. ( Here is where to find out more about the multiplicity of Italian women architects highlighted and access a virtual tour of the exhibition (by Università degli Studi di Firenze) and interact in search of new design worlds.

▼拍照点,photo booth © Caterina Pilar Palumbo

▼观展者互动,interaction © Caterina Pilar Palumbo

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