Desizo Monni Administrative Building, Bulgaria by A&A Architects

the combination of minimalistic external appearance and rich internal space

Project Specs


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Desizo Monni办公楼为这家本土时尚品牌提供了全新的创新工作环境。项目坐落在欧洲最贫困地区之一的工业区中,旨在为品牌打造新形象,创造更好的环境以吸引海外的年轻人才回国工作。

Desizo Monni corporate office building provides a creative working environment for a local fashion brand. It is located in an industrial town in one of the poorest regions in Europe. The key goals of the project were to create a new identity for the brand and to create a better environment for young talents who live abroad and wish to return in their home country.

▼项目概览,overview © Assen Emilov


▼轴测图,the exploded axonometric view © A&A Architects

The building is located at a post-socialist industrial zone in the town of Pleven, located in the north part of Bulgaria in the region with the lowest GDP per capita in the EU. It accommodates the administration and creative design team and is part of a larger complex where other production and recreational facilities of the company are also located. The building consists of 4 floors above ground and one underground parking. The ground floor features a reception area, a waiting lounge, and a showroom where the brand’s latest fashion collections are exhibited. The second, third and fourth floors are occupied by the creative and administrative offices. In the eastern part of the building is located the full-height atrium. The upper floors can be accessed through the open-to-atrium balconies where the relaxation areas are spread out.

▼办公楼与综合体相连,the building connected to a larger complex © Assen Emilov

▼入口立面,view of the entrance © Assen Emilov

▼入口近景,surroundings of the entrance © Assen Emilov

▼地下车库入口,entrance of the underground parking lot © Assen Emilov

Desizo Monni总部办公楼旨在成为时尚企业办公空间的典范。大楼将简约的外观和丰富的内部空间融为一体,仿佛承载着精彩时装秀的简洁T台。同时,项目还希望能够改善当地城市环境,吸引投资者的注意,以带动衰败工业区的二次开发。设计围绕着共享办公展开,通过大量的公共休闲空间对工作者的情绪与效率产生积极的影响。

Desizo Monni headquarters had the ambition to be recognized as a good example of corporate building for the fashion industry. The combination of minimalistic external appearance and rich internal space references fashion shows with the simplicity of the catwalk and the splendid designer clothes. At the same time, the project has the ambition to trigger the redevelopment of the neglected industrial zone by transforming the local urban environment and making it attractive to other investors. The building is organized around the social working environment, enhancing the benefits of the large common recreational spaces and their impact on the employee’s mood and productivity.

▼通高的中庭空间,the full-height atrium © Assen Emilov

▼位于上层的开放办公空间,the open working spaces on the upper floor © Assen Emilov

▼从上层望中庭,view of the atrium from the upper floor © Assen Emilov

▼围绕中庭布置的阳台,the open-to-atrium balconies © Assen Emilov

▼望向屋顶天窗的视角,view of the skylight © Assen Emilov


From construction point of view, the biggest challenge was the execution of high quality of construction works in the local context of undeveloped construction technologies and inexperienced construction workers. These disadvantages were compensated by extensive work on detailing and design supervision.

▼交通空间,the staircase © Assen Emilov

▼办公空间,the office © Assen Emilov


▼夜景,nightview © Assen Emilov

The architectural language of the project consists of a limited number of materials: glass, exposed concrete, aluminum and wood. The exterior of the building is strictly geometric and minimalistic – the clear glass prism of the exterior is interrupted only by the dark L-shaped aluminum canopy at the entrance. The large-format triple glazing glass panels allow for unobstructed views of the surrounding areas and provide a subtle transition between inner and outer space. As a counterpoint of the minimalist exterior, the interior of the building strikes with rich space of the atrium and the dynamic volumes of the balconies. The vertical core of the elevator, as well as the structural columns and beams are made of exposed concrete. Natural wood panels visually warm up the atrium. The fifth “material” is the natural vegetation, covering the balconies, the relaxation areas and the atrium.

▼总平面,the general plan © A&A Architects

▼首层平面,the ground floor plan © A&A Architects

▼二层平面,the second floor plan © A&A Architects

▼剖面图,the section © A&A Architects

Year of completion: 2019
Project location: Pleven, Bulgaria
Company name: A&A Architects
Photo Credits: Assen Emilov

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