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Note Design Studio是一个很会搭家具和色彩的室内设计公司,风格清新,雅致,有时候还有点俏皮。此外他们也有设计室内装饰产品,关于他们的更多请点击Note Design Studio on gooood

瑞典居住杂志奖是一个旨在奖励瑞典优秀空间设计师或工作室的奖项,成立于2008年的室内设计公司Note Design Studio获得了2015年的瑞典居住杂志奖,并为此在斯德哥尔摩建筑博物馆开展,以全方位呈现工作室在不同风格场景中的灵活应对。

居住杂志的创意总监和展览策展人Lotta Agaton提到家具和室内装饰品不仅具有自己的色彩与设计语言,也能在新环境中显出事整体环境的特性,家具是环境的一部分,应作为整体的一部分而考虑,同时,家具展示和营销势必伴随着高品质的图像。如今盛起的社交媒体改变了图像消费的方式,不光影响了家具的包装和销售,也对设计师的工作造成了很大的影响。在未来,图像展示将越来越重要。

Every year Residence Magazine awards the Designer of the Year prize to a designer or studio that propels the Swedish design scene forward. In 2015 this prize went to NOTE Design Studio. The exhibition is presented at the architecture museum ArkDes in Stockholm and is curated by Lotta Agaton, one of Sweden’s leading stylists.

In this exhibition we experience Lotta Agaton’s interpretation of the work of Note Design Studio, a collaboration that shows the increasing significance of stylists within the design industry – a comment on how we use well styled images to consume and communicate design.

127577_residence_arkdes_123klarb Designer of the Year Exhibition

127577_residence_arkdes_128klarb Designer of the Year Exhibition

Note was founded in 2008 as an interior design firm, but was quickly re-established as the visionary, multidisciplinary design studio we see today. Seven creative minds make up the studio and collaborate in different roles around a broad spectrum of projects – from accessories and furniture to interior designs for privata homes and international boutiques.

Working together over a long period within different capacities, in diverse areas, has proved to be a recipe for success for Note, resulting in a unique design vocabulary that can be introduced into houses, furniture, accessories – everything in Note’s particular palette of colours.

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127852_residence_arkdes_100klarb Designer of the Year Exhibition

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127757_residence_arkdes_038klarb Designer of the Year Exhibition     127757_residence_arkdes_050klarb Designer of the Year Exhibition     127757_residence_arkdes_114klarb Designer of the Year Exhibition

“How does the expression of a piece of furniture change in a new setting? We are familiar with Note Design Studio’s playful colour palette and design language, so I wanted to place their products in a new environment and show the significance of context. To me, this is a way of showing how we perceive furniture depending on where and how it is presented.
Today, it is almost impossible for a designer or company to launch a new piece of furniture without a well-styled image. It has become so essential that it is now a part of the designer’s creative process. A piece of furniture or a project is not complete until it has been depicted in an image.

The way in which we consume images has changed greatly in recent years, primarily through social media, and this has affected how we package and sell furniture. It has also had a great influence on my work as a stylist. I believe we will become even more selective in the future and place greater importance on the composition of an image.
This exhibition is my interpretation of the work of Note Design Studio, but it is also a commentary on how we consume and sell furniture today.”

Lotta Agaton, stylist, curator and creative director Residence Magazine

Note Design Studio was awarded the Designer of the Year prize by Residence Magazine in 2015. The exhibition is a collaboration between Residence Magazine and ArkDes.

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