2019北京世界园艺博览会 – 秦森企业展园设计 / 上海秦森园林股份有限公司规划设计研究院




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Appreciation towards Shanghai qinsen garden co., LTD. Planning and design research institute for providing the following description:


▼项目概览,overview ©龚东星

The 2019 Beijing international horticultural expo is the largest A1 horticultural expo ever, with 110 countries and international organizations, as well as more than 120 non-official participants, including 31 provinces and municipalities in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Shanghai Qin Sen garden co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Qin Sen garden”) as a enterprises exhibitors originality creating Qin Sen pavilion, designed to fully exert industrial chain advantage, the enterprise in the international stage of ecological landscape, Chinese style garden, living state protection of traditional Chinese architecture practice result, make extensive and profound Chinese civilization won the world respect, make Chinese cultural heritage with renewed fresh vitality. Qinsen enterprise pavilion is located in the northwest of the exhibition area, with a total length of 78 meters and a total width of 30 meters. The pavilion covers an area of 2,324 square meters. The main road of the exhibition area is located on the north side of the exhibition area. The west side is adjacent to the belt green axis, and the east side is the rest square, located between the China pavilion and the plant pavilion.

▼鸟瞰图,aerial view ©上海秦森园林股份有限公司规划设计研究院


▼“木刨花”的设计理念,the concept of “wood shavings” ©上海秦森园林股份有限公司规划设计研究院

With the unique design concept of “wood shavings”, Qinsen enterprise exhibition garden organically connects the whole exhibition garden from the spatial dimension by using ecological ties, deeply practices various technical means such as “application of surface parameterization technology + three-dimensional greening”, and designs domestic large-scale bamboo and wood constructions. From the simple concept in the early stage, to the shape space in the middle stage, and then to the later stage to give “life”, the simple and pure implication of wood shavings and the beautiful shape of stretching, expressed with more rich and exaggerated ideas in advance. Every month on the activity day, we hold “wood carving and wood art” experience activity under the building, so that visitors can interact with the building.

▼木构局部,深入践行“曲面参数化技术应用+立体绿化”等多种技术手段,partial view of the building, deeply practices various technical means such as “application of surface parameterization technology + three-dimensional greening” ©龚东星

▼大型竹木构筑构局部,partial view of the large-scale bamboo and wood constructions ©龚东星

▼木构作为遮阳体量,the building provides a shading area ©龚东星


▼结构示意图,structure diagram ©上海秦森园林股份有限公司规划设计研究院

▼钢构件,steel member ©上海秦森园林股份有限公司规划设计研究院

In order to achieve the requirements of the building’s spatial form, combining the characteristics of strong tensile strength and weak shear strength of the engineering bamboo material, the structure design adopts the special-shaped hyperboloid spatial engineering bamboo structure with double curved mesh. As for the connection part of the inner and outer arch, there is a 50MM error at the final connection due to the accumulated error, ensuring the integrity of the surface and the sense of fluency. As the construction of the whole is multi-faceted and irregular, the monomer spatial form tilts outwards, the internal and external arch is stressed by the double-layer grid, and the external arch is stretched, giving full play to the characteristics of engineering bamboo structure suitable for axial stress. Arch at the top with multipoint connection, both inside and outside rather than inside and outside the traditional arch structure of the arch and purline vertical connection, the biggest advantage is to avoid the structure of the horizontal stripes in tension, but rather through a special node design converts horizontal stripes tension to shun wen tensile, better use of materials, multipoint connection increases the connection reliability of structure. For constructing multi-dimensional three-dimensional, presents the multifaceted distortion, so that every member of different size and direction of the deflection Angle, bamboo bar and hardware notch to connect to accurate, adds great difficulty to build design, finally take of each bar and hardware independent number, on the bar processing and build to have hundred professional and careful.

▼项目夜景,结构设计采用了双层曲面网格的异形双曲面空间工程竹结构,night view of the building with the structure of the special-shaped hyperboloid spatial engineering bamboo structure with double curved mesh ©龚东星

▼项目夜景,单体空间形态向外倾倒,night view of the building, the monomer spatial form tilts outwards ©龚东星

▼项目夜景,呈现多面扭曲,night view of the building with the multifaceted distortion ©龚东星

▼项目夜景,partial night view of the building ©龚东星


Project summary: “wood shavings” building use bamboo growth advantage, with bamboo as material, using the fixed bolt hardware, constitute the overall frame, and all of the arc arch is independent monomer, vertical greening and roof (Buddha a grass), can be in different area according to the different functional requirements, and remove the assembly, the pavilion incisively and vividly reflects Qin Sen company dynamic pragmatic ecological, environmental protection, energy saving ideas.

▼总平面图,site plan ©上海秦森园林股份有限公司规划设计研究院

▼平面图,plan ©上海秦森园林股份有限公司规划设计研究院

▼立面图,elevations ©上海秦森园林股份有限公司规划设计研究院

项目名称:2019北京世界园艺博览会 – 秦森企业展园设计
项目业主: 上海秦森园林股份有限公司
项目占地总面积: 2321 ㎡
材料:竹木、钢 、佛甲草

Project name: design of Qinsen enterprise exhibition garden for 2019 Beijing world horticultural exposition
Location: Yanqing district, Beijing
Project owner: Shanghai Qinsen garden co., LTD
Total area: 2321 ㎡
Design unit: Shanghai qinsen garden co., LTD. Planning and design research institute
Main designer: Qi yanwei
Designer team: Feng sheng, Sun ping, Ma bo, Hu shi, Wang tianhui, Wu weihua, Wang Dan
Project time: 2019.4-2019.10
Construction unit: Shanghai miyi building materials co., LTD, Ganzhou sentai zhuo co. LTD
Materials: Bamboo, Steel , Sedum lineare

More: Shanghai qinsen garden co., LTD. Planning and design research institute


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