Design Commune Studio in Ningbo, China by HOGOSO DESIGN

Use geometric shapes to form the “beauty of form”

Project Specs


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“Straight lines symbolize infinity, curves limit creation. And colors can make people cry.”-Carlos Capa


▼空间概览,overall view of the space ©朴言

The end of the dream is white freedom! Finding a space, throwing the surrounding things behind, and building the co-growth of people and space. Life is a private emotion, returning to nature, but also tolerating the emotions of Vientiane. The ultimate after restraint is freedom. Emotion is the art of life, and space carries life. Perhaps, because of a  laugh. space has expression and rich senses to feeling the time,place the emotions.  In the square inch of space, if you don’t pay attention to walking a few steps, the “signals” he carefully “planned” will pass. So I had to stop, or turn back, for fear that the things he was about to say would slip away by accident in minutes. Pursuing the absolute realm of the unity of man and god, which is known as “pure abstraction” today, worships the beauty of straight lines and contemplates the tranquility within everything. We instinctively look for the resonance between concrete things and abstract emotions, to the depths of our hearts, it is spiritual introspection, elegant and calm, peaceful and far-reaching.

view to the interior through the glass facade ©朴言

▼入口走廊,entrance corridor ©朴言

▼接待区,reception area ©朴言


I have been trying to do subtractive design, highlighting human senses and experience as the main space. Looking for happiness in architectural work, practitioners of the minimalist art school use geometric shapes to form the “beauty of form”, mostly consisting of vertical and horizontal lines, rectangles and squares. The color blocks are inspired by Mondrian. The vertical and horizontal lines are divided to reveal the music and rhythm of the outstanding blocks. Staring at them, you will find the simplest beauty in the universe, the boring world instantly condenses and sublimates.

▼几何形体构成的空间,space composed of geometric shapes ©朴言

▼吧台办公区,bar office ©朴言

▼下层茶歇区,tea room on the lower floor ©朴言

▼独立办公室,individual office ©朴言

resting area ©朴言


You can say that they are a certain spatial form, or think that they are a collection of certain spatial forms, or they are a certain spatial form that you have never heard of and only exist here.

▼墙面和装饰细部,details of the walls and decorations ©朴言

项目名称:禾公社design commune studio
设计方:HOGOSO DESIGN 禾公社空间设计

More:  宁波禾公社空间设计事务所HOGOSO DESIGN on gooood

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