Del Patio Apartamentos by ESTUDIO HIDALGO

Rethinking the relationship between the house and the city

Project Specs


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▼街景视角,street view

Currently, one of the main topics in the architectural debate in Guadalajara city (Mx) is the redensification of the urban center. If this urban structure has been characterized throughout history by its horizontal morphology and its productive vocation, today it seems to be the scene of a socio-urban process that is in deterioration while manifesting its own abandonment and increasing its insecurity. In front of this complex image, we can ask ourselves which are the appropiate architectural strategies for a responsible and respectful urban redensification process.


为了振兴既有城市结构,同时又不陷入孤立的、自我参照的建筑物的构造中,了解整个历史中城市结构的组成要素是十分必要的。在这种实践理念的指导下,由ESTUDIO HIDALGO事务所设计的Del Patio Apartamentos大楼最终落成。

To revitalize this urban structure without falling into the construction of an isolated and self-referential architectural object, it is necessary to understand all those elements that have structured it throughout history. Within this practical philosophy we can place ‘‘Del Patio Apartamentos” building, one of the first projects of ESTUDIO HIDALGO office.

▼建筑北立面,the north facade

▼建筑东北角,building northeast corner

▼进入建筑内部的走廊区域,access to the corridor area inside the building

▼走廊细部,details of the corridor


▼一个四周密封的小型入口通道延伸到建筑内部,a small, circumscribed entryway extends into the building

Located in the corner of more than 1000 m2 this project has 20 departments distributed in 4 levels, which mostly achieve cross ventilation and double views (to the city and the central patio). We understand that by the type of discourse that the project has, the analysis of its urban elements has a lot more weight: The access and the patio. Positioned in the corner, the access remains to the building by configuring a small covered square that, in one hand works as a ‘‘promenade architecturale“ and as a welcome to its habitants, and in the other, it expands its sidewalks, which turns into a gift to the city.

▼20个房间分布在4层楼中,实现了交叉通风和从城市到中央庭院的双向视野, 20 departments distributed in 4 levels, which mostly achieve cross ventilation and double views

▼中央庭院,the central courtyard

▼从二楼走廊看向庭院,view from the second floor corridor to the courtyard


Once you are placed inside the place, the architectural path takes us to the large central patio. This was designed as a neutral and flexible board that does not only work as a simply distribution space, but also as a meeting place between its neighbors, a device that generates social relations, a catalyst for the sense of community and possibly a recreational space.

▼平行悬空楼梯,parallel suspended stairs

▼从围墙一角看向公寓区,view from a corner of the wall to the apartment block

▼中央庭院是邻居之间的聚会场所、是一个产生社会关系的装置,the central courtyard is a gathering place between neighbors and a device for social relations

如果建筑开始重新思考住宅与城市的关系,那么Del Patio Apartamentos则向我们展示了一种包容的、家庭化的和尊重城市环境再致密化的可能性和可行性。

If architecture starts to move towars a rethinking of housing-city relationship, ‘‘Del Patio Apartamentos“ manifests the possibility and feasibility of an inclusive, domestic, and respectful redensification of the enviroment of our cities.

▼楼梯细部,details of the staircase

▼拥有中庭视野的室内空间,interior space with atrium views

▼一层平面,ground floor plan

▼北立面图,the north elevation

▼东立面图,the east elevation



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