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非常感谢上海高目建筑设计事务所 予gooood分享以下内容。更多关于他们请至:Atelier GOM on gooood
Appreciations towards Atelier GOM for providing the following description:


Among those popular educational architectures, Defu junior high school is a low-key rebel, after completed, she didn’t need any gorgeous techniques to catch people’s eyes, however,she uses the most basic architectural language, describing a rebellious start. Sometimes, in our life and in our profession, there are some taboos that can never be said. These taboos are a welcome phenomenon for the framers. But they are politics, not science.

▼鸟瞰德富路中学,aerial view

▼顶视图,top view


Under the effect of the two stringent regulations of building orientation and building sunlight, the determinant layout has become the golden laws of our time, ever since it had been defined, it has been defended strongly, and those who have been disciplined, also have become advocates of the dogma. Yet under the influence of this great power, the disciplined people begin to derive values outside of the norm.

▼规范之下的丰富外观,the rich layout


After the completion of Defu junior high school within two years, the architect returned to the site more than ten times to experience some impressions which cannot be described by any drawing or photograph. Also he maintained a good interaction with the school principal, and he asked the photographer to go back to the school, shooting the utilization condition of the school by children, he wants to use photos with people and happiness instead those grim architectural photographs shot in the beginning of the construction.

▼建筑与人映衬出生机盎然的画面,architecture combined with students creates a vivid atmosphere

▼丰富流畅的路线规划,the floating passage


▼两部分建筑由交错的连廊相接,the two parts of the school are connected by the gallery

▼从地面层看连廊,looking to the gallery from the ground floor

▼连廊上方,交错的连廊打破传统布局形式,the interlaced galleries break out the traditional layouts


比如田字形的布局问题,里面被诟病的日照、声音和通风问题,正方形教室的使用问题,双廊交错的交通问题,无处不在的楼梯问题,外立面的干粘石问题,这些听上去很有问题的问题,相比建筑师创造出来的自由、自信的氛围 ,以及建筑习惯突破后带来的乐趣,现在来看那都不是问题。

The architect has always wanted to prove one thing, are those means which meet all the regulations but challenge some rooted values really that bad like those opponents say, or is it better without them? Just like for a junior high school student, if he did not listen to the teacher’s words, he would do things really bad?

For example, Tian font layout problem, the sunlight, sound and ventilation problems which have been criticized, square classroom utilization problem, double corridor traffic problem, staircase problem everywhere, and the drydash material on the elevation, those problems which sound questionable, compared with the free and confident atmosphere created by the architect, and the pleasure following breaking some architectural paradigms, now seem to be not a problem at all.

▼解决传统田字格布局被诟病的日照、声音和通风问题,solve the sunlight, sound and ventilation problems of traditional Tian font layout

▼开放中庭引入绿色景观,letting in the nature

▼利用屋顶空间最大化建筑使用价值,take fully use of the roof terrance

▼走廊借中庭采光解决田字格规划内的日照问题,the courtyard lets in the natural light

▼明亮的教室内部,the classrooms enjoy the natural light

▼体育馆立面及天窗采光减少人工照明的使用,facade openings and the skylight bring in the sunshine


Ever since Defu Junior high school came into being, unlike other contemporaneous educational architectures praising for the world, she has conveyed a rustic and direct rebellion. As an architecture with brutal expression, just like a piece of rough rock song, it wound be covered or imitated in the hereafter, but the techniques would be more delicate, even more sweet. But if the current challenges evolve into downstream praise, the significance between them would not be comparable, although we haven’t seen her immediate value for now, the architect has always believed that it will come sooner or later.

▼远眺中学,view from distance


▼结构轴侧,structure axon


建筑师:Atelier GOM
设计团队:徐文斌 /黄巍 /徐聪 /易博文 /孙永刚/赵玉仕
设计时间:2010 – 2014
建造时间:2014 – 2016
占地面积:27816 m2

Architect: Atelier GOM
Location: Jiading New Town ,Shanghai ,China
Chief Architect: Zhang Jiajing
Client: Shanghai Jiading New Town Development Co. Ltd
Project Team: Xu Wenbin , Huang Wei, Xu Cong, Yi Bowen, Sun Yonggang, Zhao Yushi
Construction Design Institution: First Industry Design Institute of Jiangsu Province, Shanghai branch
Construction: Zhejiang wanhui Construction Group Co. Ltd.
Story: 3 storeys overground and 1 storey underground
Structure: Frame structure
Design Stage: 2010 – 2014
Construction Stage: 2014 – 2016
Site Area:27816 m2
Floor Area: 12783m2
Photographer: Su Shengliang
aerial photographer: He Wei

More: Atelier GOM  更多关于他们请至:Atelier GOM on gooood


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  2. 张老师真是太有意思了

  3. 规矩又不乏变化的建筑形体。乍一看很平凡,其实不然。

  4. 老张的回复略显猥琐。。。。。。。

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  7. 楼梯通往的天台,绿油油的草地,长长的走廊,真的很美好啊。很喜欢这种有趣的建筑。

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  9. 在每日苦笑编制各种政绩式的设计理念时,我每秒都在问自己为什么要做这样的工作,答案也许没有准确的,但是我能确定的是至少我还清醒,选择这个职业只因为热爱,但是这份热爱还剩多少?

  10. 想请问下这个建筑的建筑密度和建筑占地面积是多少?

  11. 看完别人的评论我也评论:这个项目教育局如此被捏着鼻子最初是怎么中标的,委托项目么

  12. 设计师营造了很多灰空间和室外活动平台,非常符合十三四岁孩子们的性格,他们会很喜欢新学校的

  13. 记得当初看一条的时候,建筑师说当一个绑马尾的女孩出现在走廊的时候,教室里面的男孩是可以流着哈喇子看她走过去的。顿时想重回初中。。想必这位建筑师初中的时候也流了不少哈喇子哈哈哈哈哈

  14. 上次的做的是集合住宅 这次是学校 老张业务繁忙 建筑风格感觉是北方的建筑师么?

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  17. 想重新读中学哎,就我个人而言,初中的回忆是我求学路上最难忘的…

  18. 如果这是我的学校,肯定会觉得很酷。当初想学建筑的原因就是,觉得自己居住的城市的建筑太死板太沉闷,学校也很灰暗,让人觉得很压抑。

    • 所以有人老是问我到底是想反抗什么,所以我才说被规训的人们最终成了规则的捍卫者,从而衍生出新的价值观,至于那是不是决定论不重要,至少我不喜欢。

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  20. 空间很有趣,高低错落跌宕起伏~目前大部分学校是横平竖直,官方来说是很中规中矩,窃以为是无创造力。朝向日照通风等等,我认为这仅仅是建筑设计中一个方面,并不足以为了这些因素苛刻地限制建筑的形式,不去考虑“观感”。观感,在这里我理解是喜不喜欢这里,愿不愿意在这里学习。。。

  21. 我在一条视频看过这个建筑的分享。设计师说道:‘’校方说窗台高度在高多一点。我们的青春被你们一公分一公分的限定了。我希望他们能度一个没有遗憾的青春期。’’打破传统,重新定义学校与青春。我对这学校记忆犹新。

  22. 有趣的建筑,很想去里面走一圈

  23. 学校周末对外开放参观么?应该不可以吧~

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  26. 刚看了【谈点建筑好不好】,就在谷德上看到了JD区的这个项目,哈哈

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  28. 看了德富路初中 ,第一反应与哥本哈根的8house有异曲同工之处,初中采用了田字的传统格局,设计师很调皮的想证明所有满足规范的提前下的那些挑战价值的手段并不是我们所有的那样不如意,反而有更多的可能性和不确定性,我们在探索的路上需要勇敢前行。交错复杂的行径路线,宽敞楼顶操场和花园,我觉得都是提高了人之间的感情和减少了土地使用率,还使格局有趣生机了起来.中庭镂空解决了田字内部教室光照,体育场也使用天窗减少人工照明.总的来说很喜欢这位建筑师对建筑的理解和思考,从思想心灵上去设计,感觉提高了提升到了另一个程度!他不断的去学校了解建筑的和学生的情况,可以看出更有责任心和真的热爱建筑,热爱生活.

  29. 这似乎又是那位不太忙的建筑师的作品哦

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