Deck over a roman site in Cartagena, Spain by Amann Canovas Maruri

Polyhedron inserted into historical block

Project Specs


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The building is essentially a cover protecting the remains of a Roman assembly (thermal baths, forum and domus) in the archaeological site of Molinete Park in Cartagena, Spain. This cover is integrated as another piece of the historic area of Cartagena whose main architectural challenge is to reconcile very different architectures; from the roman time, passing through baroque to nowadays, making all the interventions vibrate together in the neighborhood. It is a transitorial element between verydiverse urban conditions: in size, material and structure; from the dense city centre to the sloping park.

▼项目概览,成为历史街区中一大亮点,overview, become a highlight in the historic district ©David Frutos

▼项目嵌入城市肌理,the project embedded in urban texture©David Frutos


▼隔断墙成为城市中的新立面,partition walls become a new facade in the city ©David Frutos

▼隔断墙后的遗迹若隐若现,remains partly visible behind the partition wall ©David Frutos

The primary goal of the work is to respect the existing remains, using a long-span structure, which requires the least amount of support to hold the cover. The intervention unifies all the remains in a single space, allowing a continuous perception of the whole site. The cover generates a new urban façade in the partition wall.

▼顶棚结构推演模型,test model of the cover ©Amann Canovas Maruri

▼顶棚采用大跨度结构, long-span structure ©David Frutos

▼顶棚内部结构,inner structure of the cover ©David Frutos

▼顶棚与周边建筑的连接,connection between the cover and the building ©David Frutos


The project also pursues a sense of lightness and is conceived as an element that allows light inside. The inner layer is built with a modular system of corrugated multiwall translucent polycarbonate sheets. The outer layer, constructed with perforated steel plates, qualifies the incidence of light and gives a uniform exterior appearance.

▼顶棚外侧采用带孔的钢板,the outer layer is constructed with perforated steel plates ©David Frutos

▼顶棚内保护的遗迹,ruins protected under the cover ©David Frutos

▼内层由多层波纹状的半透明聚碳酸酯板以模块化的系统构建,inner layer is built with a modular system of corrugated multiwall translucent polycarbonate sheets ©David Frutos

▼阳光透过顶棚射入内部,sunlight enters the interior through the cover ©David Frutos


Besides the steel structure, the building set includes an elevated walkway parallel to the street, that is accessible – like all the built tours – for disabled visitors. It is a very light structure hanging from steel beams. Conceived as a glass box, with a faceted, partially visible geometry, it makes up the street façade and allows a view of the ruins from three meters high setting out an overall vision of the roman remains.

▼抬高的人行道,elevated walkway ©David Frutos

▼人行道局部采用几何形态,partially visible geometry of the walkway ©David Frutos

▼项目夜景,night view ©David Frutos

▼轴测图,axonometric drawing ©Amann Canovas Maruri

▼平面图,plan ©Amann Canovas Maruri

▼剖面,sections ©Amann Canovas Maruri

▼细节剖面,detail sections ©Amann Canovas Maruri

Project: Deck over a roman site in Cartagena, Spain.
Dates: Project: Project: October2008.-July2009Construction: september2010-november2011
Authors: Atxu Amann, Andrés Cánovas, Nicolás Maruri.
Team: Nacho Álvarez-Monteserín, Javier Gutiérrez, Ana López, Pablo Sigüenza, José López
Photographer: David Frutos
Promoter: Cartagena Puerto de Culturas
Quantity surveyor: Rafael Checa
Construction: TMR
Client: Cartagena Puerto de Culturas
Construction surveyor: Andrés Canovas y Nicolás Maruri.
Budget.: 977.719€
Structure:José Cerezo Ingeniería SL
Facilities: Condiciones Internas SL
Site area: 2036 m²
Built área: 1847m²
Materials: Steel, polycarbonate sheets.
Scientific surveyors: José Miguel Noguera Celdrán María José Madrid Balanza
Regional Goverment surveyors: Manuel Lechuga Galindo; Carlos García Cano
Archaeological directors: José Miguel Noguera Celdrán ; María José Madrid Balanza
Restoration-preservation directo : Izaskun Martínez Péris

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