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“发光体”(luminarium)是由Architects of Air创造的可进入雕塑装置系列,旨在为参观者带来沉浸式的游览体验,以独特的形式感受奇妙美丽的光线和色彩。自1992年以来,全世界已经有超过300万游客走进“发光体”,徜徉于五彩斑斓的光影世界。

A luminarium is a sculpture people enter for an encounter with the phenomenon of light. Since 1992 more than 3 million visitors in over 40 countries across 5 continents have been welcomed into Architects of Air’s monumental luminaria, immersed in radiant colour that comes simply from daylight  shining through the luminarium’s fabric.

Daedalum是“发光体”系列的最新作品,由19个蛋形的体量构成。在穿越这座“迷宫”的过程中,人们将会邂逅一棵令人惊叹的彩虹树,以及一个形似罗马万神殿的圆顶空间。Daedalum的名字来源于代达罗斯(Daedalus)。在古希腊神话中,代达罗斯是伊卡洛斯的父亲,也是米诺斯迷宫(Labyrinth of Minos)的建造者。


Daedalum features 19 egg-shaped domes as a central maze. Passing through the maze the visitor can discover two original features – an incredibly intricate rainbow-coloured tree and a cavernous dome on whose lofty ceiling is inspired by the Pantheon of Rome. Daedalum is named after Daedalus.  In Greek mythology he was the father of Icarus and the architect of the Labyrinth of Minos.

▼外观,exterior view



Daedalum’s core element is a maze of 19 egg-shaped domes and the arrangement of the translucent elements that are the dome tops and pods is designed to produce vistas and hues of considerable variety and subtlety. This fresh spatial conception creates mysterious sight-lines and allows colour to be altered from event to event. This flexibility over the colour experience makes Daedalum is the most painterly of the luminaria in terms of artistic control.




Exploring the labyrinth the visitor can also discover 2 major new elements, designed by Alan Parkinson’s son Meko. The Tree is an adventurous assembly of intersecting volumes rising above the visitor’s head creating many intriguing viewpoints.  The Main Dome features an innovative indirect illumination designed to vary the colour inside according to the sun’s direction.


The 600 piece pattern of the Main Dome ceiling was loosely inspired by Rome’s Pantheon with its radiant oculus mimicking the sun and the Gustave Doré drawing of angels circling heavenward in Dante’s paradise.

Photo credits: John Owens, Alan Parkinson

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