Curious Grace Stand At Den Fair by Inbetween Architecture Melbourne , Australia

To be viewed 360 degrees

Project Specs


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Curious Grace是立足于墨尔本和悉尼的现代和当代家具专业品牌。此次Curious Grace品牌参展Den Fair 2018,并带来了独一无二的全新家居体验。

Curious Grace specialises in modern and contemporary furniture with stores located in Melbourne and Sydney. Curious Grace signed up for Den Fair 2018 to unveil a new exclusive furniture line from Gazzda.

▼展区内景,view of the stand


To create an architectural installation without competing with the items on display, the stand needs to be freestanding, and should be done as less as possible. To achieve the goals, the approach was to frame the space with minimal moves. We deployed 7 timber portal frames to loosely suggest the extent of the 6×6 space/volume. Minimal material, honest construction and simple assembly reflecting the ‘temporariness’ of the event. We wanted the items to be viewed 360 degrees as their backs are equally beautiful as the front. Hence more circulation space was required. We borroed space outside the stand by positioning the furniture in positions that people could approach them from all directions, walk around them, moving in and out of the stand. Plus, the material that is used for the stand could be taken apart and recycle/reuse

▼360度展台体验,the items could be viewed 360 degrees

▼来访者可以从任意角度观察或步入的循环展区,a more circulation space where people could approach from all directions

▼采用可回收木材,the materials could be recycled



“An amazing job John, the stand had so much positive feedback and many compliments. It created a dynamic interactive space that complimented our furniture design elements without the stand detracting or overwhelming the pieces, which was our agreed upon brief. ” (Anna, owner)


▼细节展示,typical detail

Completion date: 2018
Chinese text: gooood

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