Countryhouse, Italy by zaa

Become one whole space with the nature.

Project Specs


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Appreciations towards zaa for providing the following description:


A country house gets new life by the renovation of the interiors and the expansion of the living space designed in the extension made by glass and corten steel. The new volume talks with the natural landscape through the wide windows. From the outside, the glass volume reflects the surrounding nature becoming part of it, from the inside the windows become invisible giving the impression of being outdoor: the living room becomes one whole space with the countryside.

▼建筑外观,external view of the building

▼建筑外观,扩建的部分与自然融合在一起,external view of the house, the extension merged into the nature

▼扩建客厅入口,entrance of the extended living room

▼耐候钢和玻璃细部,details of the glass and corten steel


▼扩建的客厅一览,空间开放,视野开阔,overall view of the extended living room with open and transparent space

▼透过大面玻璃享受自然风光,enjoy the countryside through the windows


▼走廊,钢材和木架相结合,corridor, the structure is composed of steel and wood


▼细部,耐候钢肌理粗犷自然,raw appearance of the corten steel in the interior space


Location: treviso

Area: 450 m2

Design: 2012

Construction: 2013

Client: private

Partners: mogs srl

Photos: paolo belvedere

More: zaa,更多请至:zaa on gooood

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