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To explore the possibility of modern aesthetics

Project Specs


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CO · ACT :与有趣的 (设计师)合作。RE · SPOND: 开放、多元的设计回应当下
CO · ACT :co-act with brilliant designers. RE · SPOND:respond the change with multi-solutions.

CO/RE为蔡烈超工作室为中国家具品牌失物招领设计的新系列,区别于从无名设计(ANONYMOUS DESIGN)汲取灵感、贯彻简约实用原则的L&F主线,CO/RE系列沿着传统工艺的脉络,以家居设计为核心,探索现代审美的更多表现可能。以CO/RE系列为支点,失物招领把关注的目光从「家」这一住宅单位,延展到文创空间、设计工作室、艺廊画廊等多种多样的现代生活场域,这也是失物招领成立10年后的又一次全新尝试。

To be different from the main line of L&F’s design furniture, which lies the principle in predictability and inspired by anonymous design, CO/RE is create to explore the possibility of modern aesthetics to aim the space solution not only a cozy home but also hotels, business offices, stores, art studios, galleries, etc. This is also an experiment of L&F as a ten-years design brand.


Woody Cafe Table & Side Table


To enlarge a wooden cube, this café table is designed to arouse the fondness of wood as a natural material. A wooden cuboid lays across the bottom to settle down the whole shape steadily, and also gives an add place to keep a magazine or a bottle of blossom.


Agar Sofa

琼脂沙发拥有让人记忆深刻的饱满弧度,坐感Q弹。当光影随着轮廓曲线进行变化,呈现出如同泉水流过肌肤般的质感,对生活的细微感知就在方寸之间。功能强大的琼脂沙发全系列由6个不同尺寸的功能模块组成,系统的尺寸及结构设计,可以提供双人、多人及拐角空间的解决方案,使空间更具表现力和搭配力 。

Agar sofa has a memorable surface curve and bouncy touch. The change of the light and shadow will give different looks with its smooth texture. This sofa system consists of 6 shape units, and it can support a sitting solution of 2 to more people or add an angle at its corner to fit in a variety of spaces.


Cuddle Chair

一把椅子最动人的细节如人的眼目。Cuddle Chair保留了L&F经典单品天津铁管椅扶手与腿相连的人字形框架,隽永的结构是亲切的,整体却相当克制。细微绒感的面料经久耐用,与金属腿相搭,传递出兼具古典与精致的氛围。弧形的包围式扶手,给予身体最妥帖的抚慰,同时以轻快的线条勾勒出现代感的轮廓,适用于多种空间。

Cuddle Chair, with the arched shape of arms, which was also used in Tianjin Iron pipe chair. Compared with the old one, is aimed at improving the sense of security, at the same time, the enclosed arms just solve the problem in a clever way. The back and seat of the chair have been adjusted to a rounder shape, which match with the arms. In addition, we chose green wool fabric and slender metal legs, transmitting an obsession for vintage furniture, and also adapt to contemporary modern style, classic and exquisite.


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