Canal Art Museum, China by officePROJECT

A gallery without a gate

Garden as Before: Design and Construction of Wu Yueshi Art Museum, China by officePROJECT

From “Renovate the old as new” to “make the new as old”

House of Windows in Moganshan, China by officePROJECT

The relationship between man and nature is connected through the “window”

Get-Project Case Sharing No.2: ¥120,000 Design Fee, A. Mono Patisserie, Hangzhou, China

A house that grew in the mountain by office PROJECT

Yangzhou Ideen Creativity Community, China by officePROJECT

Reemergence of order and life

The Renovation of Old Train Factory To CRRC 1897 Creative Display Center, China by Office PROJECT

Exterior of meaning: representation of the intention on historic space

YOU+ 2.0 International Youth Community in Shenzhen, China, by officePROJECT

Sky geometry: a ” home on the roof “

Tidal Container Office, Beijing by office PROJECT

Compose space in a free way to create ever-changing space experience.

Hall within cloud – Art studio of Xu Hongquan, Beijing by officePROJECT

Artistic living in suburban of Beijing.

ZBJ.COM Co-working Factory, Tianjin by officePROJECT

40 days from design to construction completed-How to transfer a half-way building into a co-working factory