Spatial Design of ‘The Pioneer Of Modern Art Education—Commemorative Exhibition Of The 125th Anniversary Of Feng Zikai’s Birth’ by Greyspace Architects

Cardboard Folding

Chang’an Plaza Citizen Service Station Design in Huishan District, Wuxi by Greyspace Architects

The Dance of Trees and Light

Yimeng Read & Rest Hotel, China by Greyspace Architects

Natural regeneration and co-existence surrounded by the chestnut trees

Doumu Dragon Kiln and ICH Lounge in Qianshan, Anhui by Greyspace Architects

Continuing Memories – The Revitalization and Renewal of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH)

Spatial Design of ‘Modern and Functionality: Men’s Fashion Life in the 20th Century’ by Greyspace Architects

Folding Time

Under 35 – Ju Anqi

Stand outside the noumenon of the architectural space and maintain an open thinking state

10 outstanding Chinese female architects and their representative works

Architectural power of women

Shen House in Chongming, Shanghai by Greyspace Architects

Half-floor Combined Space

Concrete·Geometry, Urban Furniture in Dishui Lake Metro Station by Greyspace Architects

Explore the relationship between art and urban space

Hehefang Apartment Interior Renovation by Greyspace Architects

Specially designed for Shanghai youth