Topic: Wetland Research and Education Center, Dongtan, Chongming, Shanghai

Light spaces under a heavy structure. Conspire with the future in an environment of human and nonhuman beings

Three Rooms in a Roof Garden, China by Atelier Z+

A “secret garden” hidden high in the downtown area

Champion Center, China by Atelier Z+

A transparent and open space joint in this region

Experimental Primary School of Suzhou Science and Technology Town, China by Atelier Z + DPLUS Studio

Vertical Academy

River View Service Stations, East-bund, Pudong, Shanghai, China by Atelier Z+

Autonomous and dynamic public space as a scenery amplifier.

3#/8# Exhibition Gallery Regeneration, China by Atelier Z+

To promote community communication and revitalize publicity through spatial intervention

River View Service Station, Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai by ZHOU Wei + ZHANG Bin / Atelier Z+

To explore the relationship between architectures and sceneries that have exceeded its own dimension.

Plot C, Auto Innovation Park, Shanghai International Automobile City, Jiading, Shanghai By Atelier Z+

A different and flexible R&D unit.

Control House for the Pump Sluice Station on Nangupu River By Atelier Z+

compact design of the control house in a narrow space

Temporary Office Building of Atelier Z+ / Atelier Z+

To utilize the uniqueness of the site to maximize the quality of space, to exploit its potential in tranquility and convenience with limited budget.