Commons Restaurant by Yuloo Studio

A wine, evening, and cozy place.

Project Specs


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Commons餐厅的老板是厨师Anton Obrezov和他的合伙人Alexander Gusev。他们的首要目的是为客人营造一个温馨的、适合在夜间饮酒的空间。餐厅的面积虽然不大,但它应该足以让每个人都感到舒适且不受打扰。按照客户的要求,餐厅使用了较少的装饰元素。设计师和客户进行了细致的讨论,包括地板的颜色和门把手的形状。并借助草图在设计概念上达成了一致。

The clients are chef Anton Obrezov and co-owner Alexander Gusev. The first thing they wanted was for the guest to understand: Commons is a wine, evening, and cozy place. The space is small, but everyone should feel comfortable and solitary. Clients wanted minimum number of decorative elements, I was very happy with that. We discussed everything from floor color to door handle shape.  Clients felt calm because after my sketches we presented they realized that I understand the idea completely.

▼餐厅概览,interior overview


The area is small – 65m2, I decided to use big objects and volumes to confuse the eyes somehow. That is why kitchen cube appeared – it looks like a separate room inside a room. And 8 meter oval lamp on a ceiling – makes the room seem longer. My favorite part is marble slab against the wall with the restaurant’s motto sign on it – It became an art object that catches the eye. The restaurant has 40 seats, as well as a sommelier counter, an open kitchen, a bathroom and a wardrobe.

▼用餐区,dining area

▼立方体厨房,view to the kitchen cube

▼厨房吧台座位,bar counter seating area

▼餐厅标语成为引人瞩目的艺术品,the restaurant’s motto sign became an art object that catches the eye

▼8米长的椭圆形灯具让空间看上去更加开阔,8 meter oval lamp on the ceiling makes the room seem longer



First challenge was a dilapidated brick on the walls, which opened after dismantling, it was almost impossible to fix anything to it. I used plaster where was necessary and left some open brick areas on walls to fix it. Guests will love that all that they are going to touch here will be natural: no plastic. Just marble, travertine, solid wood, bricks and concrete.

▼石膏被用于遮挡墙壁上残存的破旧砖块,plaster was used to fix the dilapidated brick on the walls

▼故意裸露的部分形成独特的纹理,some open brick areas on walls crates a unique texture


The restaurant works from 5PM till night – so lighting is the main ambiance creator. In a small place 40 people can sit together and I wanted to make each of them feel privacy and comfort. Small spot lamps and correct light temperature helped me to create this atmosphere. Every table has its own ceiling spot above it – I think it works as a “candle” – gives intimacy. An important role in the project played Thonet chairs. When I saw Chair 118 model, I immediately realized that this chair was created for our restaurant. Concise, incredibly comfortable, and most important color finish – Red!

▼用餐区细部,dining area detailed view

▼Thonet椅子,Thonet Chairs


I wanted to make the interior as tactile as possible. Used marble Bianco Carrara, Verde india and travertine with open pores – on countertops. I left sections of old brick visible through the plaster on walls. I wanted to use wine color for sure, and the idea came to use it on floor, so that the rest (ceiling, walls, main objects) would be neutral. It was hard to find the right shade for the floor and to convince everyone that if should really be as bold and colored as it is now. Emerald color joined, as in nature they coexist wonderfully.

▼休息室细部,lounge area detailed view


▼洗手间过道,corridor leading to the bathroom

Photography credit: Sergey Melnikov
Address & name of the restaurant: Commons Restaurant – Russia, St. Petersburg, Griboedov Canal Embankment 37
All furniture is bespoke except Thonet 118 Chair and bar stools made by Delo Design – St. Petersburg based company
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