Colicci Westfield by Mizzi Studio

The sculptural 3D copper roof reflecting in rich lustre.

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在建筑和产品设计等方面备受赞誉的Mizzi事务所受Colicci咖啡委托,设计了一间划时代的咖啡贩售亭。建筑位于Westfield Stratford购物中心的入口处,与Queen Elizabeth奥林匹克公园共处在一条轴线上。由于位于行人必经之地,项目不仅要成为一座富有吸引力的贩售亭,还要作为Westfield的标识欢迎游客的到来。

Coffee brand Colicci, appointed award-winning multidisciplinary architecture and product design practice, Mizzi Studio, to design a cutting-edge kiosk located at the entrance of Westfield Stratford’s Shopping Centre on axis with Queen Elizabeth’s Olympic Park. Due to the site’s prominent location, the kiosk had to act as a welcoming attraction for Westfield whilst luring visitors into the café.

▼ 咖啡贩售亭外观,流动的独特屋顶使其成为购物中心的标识,external view of the coffee, the unique fluid roof makes it an welcoming attraction of the shopping center

1-external_Westfield Colicci_Mizzi Studio


The design challenge was coming up with an innovative solution that could enable Mizzi to create a flowing 3-Dimensional sculptural roof clad out of metal sheets, whilst keeping the sensitive fluid design that epitomizes the brand and its identity.

▼ 流动的三维屋顶如同一座铜制的雕塑,the fluid 3D roof as a copper sculpture

1-external1_Westfield Colicci_Mizzi Studio

1-external2_Westfield Colicci_Mizzi Studio

1-external3_Westfield Colicci_Mizzi Studio


The captivating ceiling has been shaped to lure visitors in to an immersive copper cocoon designed to mimic the mouth of an orchid flower. Whilst enriching the customer experience, the sculptural canopy converges towards a tubular menu drawing visitors to the coffee counter.

▼ 入口为开放的玻璃折叠门,屋顶汇聚到菜单上,将人引到贩售区,entrance formed by open glass folding doors, the roof converges towards the menu, attracting visitors to the coffee counter

4-entrance_Westfield Colicci_Mizzi Studio

4-entrance1_Westfield Colicci_Mizzi Studio

▼ 施工在屋顶表面留下粗犷的纹理,反射灯光形成丰富的光泽,rough texture on the ceiling surface created by construction, reflecting and forming alluring lustre

5-3-interior_Westfield Colicci_Mizzi Studio

▼ 贩售台,暖色的灯光和铜制天花创造出亲密的空间氛围, coffee counter with warm lighting and copper ceiling creating an intimate ambience

4-counter_Westfield Colicci_Mizzi Studio

4-conter1_Westfield Colicci_Mizzi Studio


Approaching the design of a complex sculptural metal roof, Mizzi chose to evolve the 18th Century classic copper sheathing technique into the digital age using Computer Aided Design and manufacturing combined with the latest techniques in boat building utilizing fiberglass manufacturing to create a bespoke smart design solution. First, it developed a digital skin that would later form the kiosk’s roof. The skin’s pattern was created by dissecting the 3D surface to articulate the contours of the roof design, whilst simultaneously rationalising the tiling dimensions to an adequate size that would later enable a manual cladding process.

▼ 屋顶模型,roof model

7-3D Model 1_Westfield Colicci_Mizzi Studio


The result was a bespoke jigsaw of 542 individual numbered pieces which were unfolded and “nested” in to CAD files for fabrication out of CNC laser cut copper sheets.

▼ 模型展开图,expanded model

7-Metal Cut Outs_Westfield Colicci_Mizzi Studio


The cladding process employed traditional hand-crafted techniques to shape the tiles over the roof’s fibreglass shell. The individual pieces were hand bent and hammered and fixed with pneumatic rivets. The entire structure is comprised of approximately 20,000 rivets.

▼ 铜板由铆钉固定在一起,copper pieces are combined by rivets

3-back_Westfield Colicci_Mizzi Studio

Colicci Westfield不仅是一间咖啡厅,其充满雕塑感的铜结构向人们展示了建造时手工技艺。金属表面铜锈色的指纹和锤子敲打的痕迹形成了粗犷的纹理,带给每个来店客人不同寻常的感受。

More than a coffee kiosk, Colicci Westfield is a sculptural copper structure that celebrates the craftsmanship of its construction, with patinated finger-prints and hammer marks revealing a deep layered earthy texture as one approaches the building.

▼ 铜锈色的指纹和捶打痕迹在铜板表面形成粗犷纹理,patinated finger-prints and hammer marks create earthy texture on the surface

3-back1_Westfield Colicci_Mizzi Studio


The copper has been sealed with a matte clear lacquer preserving its story whilst retaining the rich lustre and glistening reflective property of the material.

▼ 细部,铜板反射灯光呈现出丰富的光色,details, the copper reveals rich lustre reflecting the lights

6-detail_Westfield Colicci_Mizzi Studio

6-detail1_Westfield Colicci_Mizzi Studio


The combination of Colicci’s neo-futuristic form and the innovative use copper in architecture results in a functioning cafe that acts as a piece of public sculpture

▼ 夜景,流动的屋顶成为由规则体块构成的购物中心内一道独特的风景,night view, the fluid roof distinguished from other angular building volumes

2-night_Westfield Colicci_Mizzi Studio

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