Clic Multifunctional Shelf / François Beautour

Made of oak, handcrafted

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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Appreciation towards François Beautour for providing the following description:

法国设计师François Beautour设计了一款适合玄关用的穿衣镜柜。上方放置镜子,还可摆放其它小物件。有趣的是下方,在木板里隐藏了磁铁,可以将钥匙牢牢的吸住。



Clic, a practical and decorative wall shelf from which keys hang magically under the wooden board thanks to embedded magnets. Hand made in France.

Board : Varnished oak 55x8x3,6cm with embedded magnets. French wood from PEFC woods. Mirror: 55×27,5cm.Made in France by French craftmen.






Clic, a convenient object, designed and thought for the user. We all have a “no man’s land” place at home where we stack our keys and the left over change. Clic was created for this particular purpose but adds a decorative and fun side to it. The shelf is made out of one wooden board that has been slightly hollowed in order to hold small objects. In addition, extremely strong magnets have been embedded inside it, transforming the shelf into a key holder. The little sound of the key being caught by the magnet- “clic” -gave its name to the project. Keys obviously, but let’s be creative! Hang up any metal object like bracelets or usb keys.

Another uselful asset is the mirror. It allows one last checkup before leaving the house and avoids running back to the bathroom mirror!

The shelf can be hanged next to a front door. Clic is an ornamental and de- sign object that fits perfectly into our daily lives thanks to its simple and aerial style. The wooden board has been cut, hollowed, sanded and varnished by hand for a perfect finish. The two superior angles have been rounded. Mo- reover, the fact that the magnets are invisible gives a fun and high tech side to the shelf.
About  the designer
My name is François and I’m a French independent designer. After having worked in several agencies and because of my daring and adventurous personality, I decided to create my own design business in 2012:  Initial Act. If I had to describe my work in one word it would be the “user”. What I love the most is to imagine spaces and services that offer qualitative experiences. Something I probably inherited from my own family who worked in a tradi-tional circus. In the end, between doing a somersault and drawing an object, the aim is the same: create en experience for the spectator.


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