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The wide and flexible space

Project Specs


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▼入口区域,the entrance

This is a childcare and learning center located amidst the high rise apartments, in one of the posh neigbourhoods of central Beijing, China. Its mainly targetted towards the young local families. The facility isnt strictly meant to serve children but is also open to parents and the surrounding community. The space allotted is the ground floor of an existing half ellipse shaped building with the floor height of 4 m. We proceeded with “street play in the city” as our key concept, trying to bring in the feel of streets of the old city of Beijing, in the interiors.

▼项目内部空间概览,overview of the interior space

▼层高4米的空间为家庭活动提供了更加宽阔的场所,the 4-meter high space provides a wider space for family activities


In order to accommodate several activities to fulfill the different needs and likes of children, the big volume was distributed by placing container modules in an organic fashion. The containers are designed to be open to make it easy for children to recognize the function of each module space by themselves.

▼集装箱式的模块将整个空间分为不同区域,container-like modules divide the space into different zones

▼咨询台,the information desk

▼阅读区域,the reading area

▼活动区域,the activity area


▼过道提供了一些私密空间,the aisles provide some privacy

▼孩子们在过道区域开展活动,the children moved about in the aisle area

Moreover the design allows easy expansion or contraction of space and activities by simply placing new module depending on the current requirement of the facility and the education program. The container resembles the buildings and the aisle in between resembles the streets. The intimate scale of aisles adds a little private element in this otherwise open space, which is liked by children and can also be used for activities requiring concentration. Adding the handrails on the upper side of containers, resulted in terrace loft spaces, making the overall volume more dynamic and hence suitable for creative learning and playing.

▼集装箱顶部加装了护栏,guardrails were added to the top of the container

▼加装护栏后的集装箱顶部成为了充满活力的活动空间,after the addition of guardrails, the top of the container becomes a vibrant activity space


The design of the module is kept minimalistic by using only two colors; charcoal grey, on the exterior wall, and wood, on the floor, wall and ceiling inside. Furthermore, module architecture is an added benefit when it came to easy and swift supply of materials, its application and maintenance.

▼模块的颜色及细部,the color and details of the module

▼模块内部全木制的儿童活动室,the children activity room in wood

▼空间细部,details of the space

▼一层平面,the first ground floor plan

▼二层平面,the second floor plan

Logo and room sign Collaborate Designer / Saki Matsumoto
Net play equipment / Okabe
Light / MUUTO
Light /Caravaggio Matt
Photo Credit © HIBIBNOSEKKEI + Youji no Shiro

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