Cirkelbroen (The circle bridge), Copenhagen by Olafur Eliasson

Cirkelbroen (The circle bridge) has officially opened in Copenhagen.

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冰岛著名艺术家Olafur Eliasson的新作圆桥刚刚在哥本哈根开幕。当天有7000多人出席开幕式,哥本哈根市长以及当地政要也出席了开幕典礼。

Cirkelbroen (The circle bridge) has officially opened in Copenhagen.

More than 7,000 attended the festive opening ceremony for the bridge, where world-renowned Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, the creator of the bridge, spoke alongside Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, and Mogens Hugo, the chairman of Nordea-fonden.




艺术家Olafur Eliasson希望这座圆桥Cirkelbroen能够成为哥本哈根人们日常生活的一部分。Olafur Eliasson告诉gooood,Cirkelbroen让人们跟贴近水,并鼓励人们在此放慢脚步,休息一会儿。

“我希望圆桥成为一个聚会场所,成为一个约会能说到咱们桥上见的标志地点”,Olafur Eliasson继续说道:“在我的艺术实践中我常常使用短暂的材料比如风,雾,流水。所以在哥本哈根有机会创造桥梁这样稳定,永久的结构对我来讲是特别的,也让我倍感自豪。”

Eliasson looks forward to Cirkelbroen becoming part of everyday life for the people of Copenhagen:

“Cirkelbroen creates new spaces along the waterfront. It brings people closer to the water and encourages them to slow down a little and take a break. I hope it will become a meeting place, a ‘see-you-at-the-bridge’ kind of place.

“In my art practice, I often use transient materials such as wind, fog and flowing water. It has been wonderful to have the opportunity to make a structure like Cirkelbroen, which both embodies this transience – the changing of the weather and the waterfront atmosphere – and, as a bridge, has a long, stable life ahead of it. I am filled with immense pride to know that Cirkelbroen will now be part of Copenhagen.”



Cirkelbroen will make it easier for the people of Copenhagen to cycle, walk or run along the Copenhagen waterfront and through the city. But it will provide much more than that. It will serve as a new meeting place and vantage point along the waterfront for reflection, new views and perspectives. It invites one to take a break from an otherwise busy day.



哥本哈根的市长Frank Jensen在圆桥开幕式上提到这座桥让哥本哈根的海滨线更加具有活力和吸引力,这座桥让城市中生活的人们更加紧密的联系在一起。

Nordea-fonden的主席Mogens Hugo则表示非常高兴看到很多人在周六来到这里,这座桥成为哥本哈根日常生活的一部分。

圆桥是Olafur Eliasson设计,由非盈利和慈善基金会Nordea-fonden出资,赠送给哥本哈根市的礼物。

Frank Jensen, the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, who received the bridge on behalf of the city, is very pleased with the opening ceremony for Cirkelbroen:
“The Cirkelbroen bridge enhances an already lively, and attractive waterfront atmosphere for the people of Copenhagen. This was emphasised today by the presence of such a large number of people at the official opening. The bridge binds our city more tightly together and is a landmark for the entire area of which we can be proud.”

Mogens Hugo, chairman of the board for Nordea-fonden, is also very pleased that Copenhagen residents have so warmly welcomed the Cirkelbroen bridge:
“We are very pleased by the many people who chose to spend their Saturday with us. Naturally, the most important thing is how the people of Copenhagen will use the bridge in their daily lives. But their positive reception of Cirkelbroen today indicates that the bridge has a bright future ahead.”

Cirkelbroen was designed by artist Olafur Eliasson and is a gift from Nordeafonden to the City of Copenhagen. Nordea-fonden is a non-profit and charitable foundation supporting activities that promote good living in Denmark.


Olafur Eliasson设计的圆桥由5个圆形的平台串联而成,其宽大的桥面能够支持人们走路,骑车,跑步,散步,同时具有弧度的边界能够提供各种看城市的角度。每天将有5000人穿过此桥。Olafur Eliasson希望该桥的锯齿边缘可以降低行人通行速度,并且在此聚会。

哥本哈根具有高品质的城市空间。Olafur Eliasson认为在这里,政治家,城市规划师以及开发人员应该更加开放,积极接纳抽象和感性的艺术家,以及其它创意者比如社会科学家,人类学家,历史学家,舞蹈家,诗人,环保主义者,哲学家,共同思考城市空间并创造。






Here are more information from the artist:


Cirkelbroen celebrates pedestrians. It reflects the daily life and intimacy that you find around the canal in the Christianshavn neighbourhood, its houseboats and sailing boats, the unique life on the ramparts. Copenhagen’s harbour was once a centre of maritime activity, and Cirkelbroen is a testimony to that history. While working on the bridge, I remembered the fishing boats I saw as a child in Iceland.

In the harbour, the boats were often moored right next to each other, and it sometimes seemed that you could even cross the harbour just by walking from boat to boat.

The bridge is made of five circular platforms, and it contributes to a larger circle that will form a pedestrian route around Copenhagen Harbour, where people – cycling, running, walking – can see the city from a very different perspective. As many as 5,000 people will cross this bridge each day. I hope that these people will use Cirkelbroen as a meeting place, and that the zigzag design of the bridge will make them reduce their speed and take a break. To hesitate on our way is to engage in bodily thought. I see such introspection as an essential part of a vibrant city.

In Copenhagen, progress has been made in thinking about what constitutes quality in urban space and about the atmosphere of a space. Obviously, one cannot plan atmosphere, as it is co-produced by the people who use the space, but it is possible to nurture an atmosphere, to allow it to grow. As an artist, I work with abstract and emotional qualities, so this is where, I believe, art can play a role. I’m convinced that politicians, urban planners, and developers need to expand their toolbox by bringing in what I would call creative reality producers – artists, social scientists, sociologists, anthropologists, historians, dancers, poets, environmental activists, and philosophers – to rethink urban spaces.

In Denmark, there is a strong tradition of focusing on inclusion, on accepting the other – welcoming ideas that we have not yet had, people we have not yet met, and unpredictable encounters. It’s something we all have to work on together, and one way of addressing this is in how we plan public space.

Cirkelbroen, I hope, will contribute to improving the quality of life and the development of a hospitable and inclusive city.

– Olafur Eliasson


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