Stories of light: Gradients, Reflections & Dotted Lamp by Studio Dennis Parren

Light is everything, there is no life without light.

Project Specs

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Dennis Parren工作室在圣埃蒂安2015设计双年展上展示了他们的光雕塑作品和设计的一款虚线灯。将彩色玩得出神入化的Dennis Parren工作室认为光是一切,没有光就没有生命,他们专注于对光进行探索,利用光进行创造。下面是这两个作品的视频。

For the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2015 Studio Dennis Parren created several light installations and sculptures for the Musée de la Mine in St. Etienne, to show how light can be controlled to create beautiful patterns that tell us the story of light, colours, shadows and reflections.


渐变 Gradients

Dennis Parren告诉gooood,人人都有对光的理解,有人认为光是白色,有人认为光是彩色,有人认为光是明亮,也带来着阴影。这些感受是由人们的眼睛和心灵来控制。他们希望尝试光线的融合。比如太阳的白光,乃是红绿蓝三原色的混合结果。

在作品中,Dennis Parren工作室控制RGB原色光让其投影在坡度明显,形状各异的白色发泡聚苯乙烯体量上,形成不同的颜色混合与渐变。通过旋转三原色光的位置,当他们在某一个角度重合时,所有的被照射体量都会因为白光出现而变成白色。效果相当具有戏剧性。

对以上的光反射和融合的效果,Dennis Parren工作室认为这个运用非常有前景。光与色彩的神秘和美丽是无穷无尽的。

“Light is something we all think we understand. It can be white, it can be coloured, it is bright, can be reflected and casts shadows. With ‘Gradient’ we wanted to show how colours blend.” says Dennis Parren.

As in other work by Studio Dennis Parren, ‘Gradient’ challenges you to stop and think about what you are actually looking at, as the eyes and mind try to make sense of what you are seeing.

Like the sun, white light consists of Red, Green & Blue light (RGB) and by carefully placing white expanded polystyrene shapes in a pattern under the RGB lights, they controlled how much light each shape reflects and which colours blend, resulting in a magical field of different coloured gradients.

By rotating the position of the red, green and blue light, different gradients became visible before making a dramatic pause to white light showing that this is no trick, just the simple blending of colours on white shaped material.








思考 Reflections

Colours are seen when light reflects. With ‘Reflections’ Studio Dennis Parren wanted to show how light reflects by trapping it inside different shapes. Catching the light and forcing it into a shape amplifies the reflection as it has nowhere to go. Dennis: “This results in a magical spectacle of bright colourful, almost fluorescent, light.”
For ‘Reflections’ the studio used exactly the same light set-up as with ‘Gradients’, only now having a completely different result, giving us yet another insight into the mystery of light and colour.






虚线灯 Dotted Lamp 

此外Dennis Parren工作室还创作了一款虚线灯,该灯运用到了光行业革命性的LED技术。LED灯带廉价又节能,光效也不错。这款采用LED灯带的虚线灯那简单游雅的外形灵感来自自由浮动,多彩而梦幻的水母。此外灯具另外一大特点便是它色彩能五颜六色的变化。

LED technology has been a revolution for the light industry. A very popular, mass produced and cheap product is the LED strip, most often seen hidden away behind panels or underneath sufaces. Studio Dennis Parren wanted to do something different with the LED strip, something new, showing that there are other ways to use such a great product.

The Dotted Lamp uses the LED strip to show that it can be transformed into a delightful, simple and elegant lamp. In this case the design was inspired by the colourful an freely floating, dreamy jellyfish, a marvel of nature.

Next to being light and colourful in it’s design, it is made to be a ‘plug ’n play’ lamp that uses a simple 3D printed frame in which you can simply click the LED strip to make it work.



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