Chinese Box Club by Zware Jongens

A Chinese takeaway restaurant combined with the boxing culture

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荷兰的每个城镇都有一家由家庭经营的中餐外卖馆,环境喧嚷嘈杂,菜单上有数百种美味的菜肴,而这或许正是造成他们业绩同比下降近75%的原因。当寿司和炒菜外卖占据了大量的市场份额之时,家族中的新一代人有了全新的计划。Chinese Box Club的老板 Lide 和 Aihua Chung意志坚决,他们希望与 Zware Jongens 事务所合作,共同改变现有市场格局。该方案目的旨在重塑中餐外卖馆,当然这项工作需要全力以赴。


Every town in The Netherlands has one. A Chinese takeaway restaurant. Often family-owned business that is perceived as dusty restaurant, with an endless menu of hundreds of dishes. Perhaps that is the reason why their chances of survival decrease by almost 75% year-on-year. The new generation in the family has fresh ambitions, while the popularity of sushi and wok take-aways gain the market share. Known to never throw in the towel, owners Lide and Aihua Chung of the Chinese Box Club worked with Zware Jongens to shake-up the market. The briefing was to reinvent the Chinese takeaway, a job that certainly needs a good punch.


▼餐厅标识,the logo

“场地条件非常局促,面积不到30㎡。这是一个慎重的决定,其目的旨在利用有限的空间营造独特的氛围。这显然是受到了大家所熟知的老式中餐馆的启发,旧的元素以一种新的方式被重新诠释和实施。该空间采用了镶嵌复古球形壁灯的桦木壁板,颜色鲜明的地毯和灯光通过镜面踢脚得以延展。客人可以在家中通过网络订餐或者亲自到店内订购。为了丰富等候的时间,设计提供了充足座位的休息区,客人可在等待打包食物的同时享受茶点或其他免费赠品。另一个重要设计体现在将经典的厨房传菜窗口移置到了前端,以便客户可从厨房直接取走外卖。未来可以让传菜窗口更加靠近门面,这样客人在街边就可以获取食物。”Zets Jongens的Filip Janssen说。

▼餐厅入口,the entrance


“The site location is extremely compact with an area of ​​less than 30 m2. This is a deliberate choice. The aim was to create a unique atmosphere in the limited space. This is clearly inspired by traditional Chinese restaurants, as we all know them, where authentic elements were interpreted and implemented in a new way. The space has stained birch wood paneling with vintage spherical wall lighting. Both the personalized carpet and the repetitive lighting are endlessly extended by the mirrored skirting boards. Guests can order from the host in person or order digitally at home or in-store. To make the waiting moment punchier, sufficient seating space has been created, including a break-corner where guests can enjoy tea or other freebies while waiting for their box. Another important feature is the classic kitchen hatch, which has been brought to the foreground, so that the customer receives their order directly from the kitchen. The hatch could be brought even more to the foreground in the future concepts allowing to serve food via the street-side,” says Filip Janssen from Zware Jongens.

▼休息区, seating space

▼颜色鲜明的地毯,the personalized carpet

设计除了添加有趣的体验和丰富的功能以外,同时还搭建了一个可复制的基本模式,即一个可扩展的模块化系统。从命名方式到菜单组合,从包装设计再到关乎整个品牌的全套体验。 “我们十分满意如今这个位置,并相信在未来也会得到大家的认同。”Chinese Box Club的Lide Chung说道。

▼桦木壁板,birch wood paneling

▼饮水区,drinking area

In addition to injecting fun and function into the total experience, a basic template has been set-up that can be replicated. In other words, a modular system that is scalable. From naming to menu composition, to packaging, to the entire experience and associated branding. “We are excited about this location and trust that others will follow in the future.” said Lide Chung of Chinese Box Club.

▼打包盒子,packaging boxes


Zware Jongens的Jisook Park解释说:“我们选择了一种完全不同的呈现方式。店铺的名字来自于外卖订单的包装盒,如此不仅获得了强有力的品牌宣传效果,同时也达到了较高的品牌识别度。品牌标识由正宗的中文字体与现代印刷排版术相结合。在视觉设计方面,四散的米饭图案蕴含着拳击文化中的爆炸性元素,它与“潘趣食品”的核心品牌理念相一致。其他关于box club概念的理解和运用还包括使用了暖性的红蓝色主色调,加粗的括号内包含数字和特别推荐,以及左右颠倒的线阵排列。“这种外卖理念瞄准了广泛的受众。


▼红蓝色调名片,cards in red&blue

Jisook Park of Zware Jongens explains: “We opted for a completely different approach from the offset. That was also the briefing. That is why the naming; referring to the box in which you receive your order; and the branding is also powerful and recognizable. The logo is a blend of authentic Chinese lettering & modern typography. In terms of the further visual language, the rice pattern in motion refers to explosive elements from boxing culture and it aligns to the core brand idea of ‘food with a punch’. Other subtle references & twists to the box club concept are amongst others the warm-toned red & blue color palette, the recognizable brackets containing numbers & highlights, as well as the opposite left-right alignment.” With this take-away concept, the client aims at a broad audience.



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