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Trace history and restore culture


Shenyang Dongmao Warehouse,locates in Dadong district, Shenyang City, Liaoning province, which is close to Shenhai thermal power plant, covering an area of about 65000㎡. The site originally belongs to one of the branches of Shenyang Storage and Transportation Group Company. Since 1950, the company has built a warehouse group here, mainly for storage, transportation and logistics distribution, commonly known as “East trade warehouse”. “East Trade Warehouse” is the earliest, largest and most intact civil storage complex in Shenyang.

▼项目整体鸟瞰,aerial view of the project ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影


“Shenhai Thermal power Plant” was built in April 1988. It is a national key energy construction project during the 7th Five-Year Plan period. In 2006, it was awarded the national first-class Thermal power Plant of electric power system, the national Advanced Enterprise of Environmental Protection, the National Model Worker’s Home, the National Advanced Unit of Mass Sports Activities, the State Electric Power Company double Civilization unit and other honorary titles. In the past 50 years, Shenhai thermal power plant has made great contribution to the urban energy supply in an era.

▼区位分析图,location ©沈阳建筑大学HA+建筑方案创意工作室

▼概念分析图,concept diagram ©沈阳建筑大学HA+建筑方案创意工作室


The existence of Dongmaoku and Shenhai Thermal power Plant makes the site have special cultural memory attributes, and urban renewal is a process of reshaping the carrier of urban culture, which is our design response under the complex system where social needs, ecological needs and cultural needs coexist.

▼项目与周边环境航拍顶视图,top view of the project and surrounding environment ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影


Trace history and restore culture
Ecological restoration
Revitalize urban culture
Promote the formation of complete communities

▼项目航拍顶视图,top view of the project ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影


Ecological restoration


Facing the complex interweaving of cultural, ecological and social issues within the site, the design team first determined the concept of “green base”. the broken areas and fragments of the urban fabric and public space are filled and repaired by using the flexibility, mobility and permeability of “ecology”, and become the “adhesive” in the urban structure. using the “ecological planting” and “landscape planting” two methods to create a variety of ecological landscape space at the same time.

▼城市肌理与辐射范围,Urban texture and radiation range ©沈阳建筑大学HA+建筑方案创意工作室


You can lie on the lawn and soak up the sun
In summer you can enjoy the shade in the forest
Wandering in the sea of flowers
Chatting in the woods

▼“生态种植”与“景观种植”,”ecological planting” and “landscape planting” ©沈阳建筑大学HA+建筑方案创意工作室


The southeast area of the site will be used as commercial land in the long-term planning. In the current transition period, we aim at low cost and low maintenance, and adopt the community planting method of perennial grass flowers, using nearly 60 kinds of perennial herbs and a variety of seasonal flowers suitable for growth in Shenyang area.

▼文脉分析,cultural context of the project ©沈阳建筑大学HA+建筑方案创意工作室


Revitalize urban culture


The existing old urban space pays attention to the cultural landscape design. The historical elements of the old place have natural symbols. Shenhai thermal power Plant and Dongmao Warehouse give historical factors to the site and become the memory of an era. The reconstruction of shen-Hai railway, dongmao Warehouse building gene and the condensation tower of Shen-hai thermal power plant have planted seeds for culture and preserved memories for the city.

▼由公园看沈海热电厂冷凝塔,viewing the condensation tower of Shen-hai thermal power plant from the park ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影


The urban culture is activated by the retained original urban memory: the original base of the condensation tower of Shenhai Thermal power Plant is retained on the site, which is integrated with the architectural elements and railway elements of Dongmau Warehouse to preserve the urban memory.

▼分析图,analysis diagram ©沈阳建筑大学HA+建筑方案创意工作室


The form of the condensation tower of Shenhai thermal power plant, the historical elements extracted from Shenyang East Railway Station, the railway track running through The Times Park, and the square gate extracted from the gable of Dongmao Warehouse are the details of history. And through functional heterogeneity, people still feel the life atmosphere in line with The Times.

▼冷凝塔基座形式构成的广场空间,The square space formed by the shape of the condensation tower ©沈阳建筑大学HA+建筑方案创意工作室

以植入新活动的方式来提升广场活力,确立 “儿童秀场”的核心主题。打造了一个最大的中心主题表演舞台,配合音乐喷泉,承载孩子的才艺汇报演出、小型发布会等活动内容。

To enhance the vitality of the plaza by embedding new activities and establish the core theme of “children’s show”. Building the largest central theme performance stage, with the music fountain, carrying the children’s talent report performance, small press conference and other activities.

▼空中廊道、以东贸库山墙为基因提取形成的广场大门,Circular viaduct landscape trail and the square gate extracted from the gable of Dongmao Warehouse ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影

▼贯穿时代公园的铁轨,the railway track running through The Times Park ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影

▼空中廊道细部,detail of the aerial corridor ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影


Using the top structure of the base to create an aerial corridor, visitors can reach the corridor through the folding staircase at the southwest entrance, the circular staircase in the site or the cylindrical elevator around the circular staircase. The condensation tower at night, like the sun and moon falling on the ground, represents the contribution of Shenhai thermal power Plant to the energy supply of the city in the evening of The Times. The ring corridor at the top of the reconstructed condensing base can be used for climbing and looking far away, punching in and taking photos, running to absorb new oxygen, and carrying wind to soak up the cool night.

▼空中廊道鸟瞰,aerial view of the aerial corridor ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影

▼中央广场,central plaza ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影


Urban renewal is a dynamic event of the city on the timeline
Is to bury history at the same time
Pass on the history but also focus on the present

▼廊道之上,above the aerial corridor ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影

▼广场上的水景,The water feature on the square ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影


Promote the formation of complete communities


People are the core of a city, and community is the most essential place for people to live. However, due to the limitations of the site, the functions in the community are missing. Public space has the obligation to make up for the lack of community function.

▼森林氧吧与停车场鸟瞰,Aerial view of forest oxygen bar and parking lot ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影

▼以软景为主的动线成为最“宜留、宜聚”的空间,the most “appropriate to stay, appropriate to gather” space in a moving line dominated by soft scenery ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影


By endowing the area with a new health hotspot, the design entrusts the concept of loife site. The AC module is placed under the green forest, and the circular hard landscape is organically combined with the natural soft landscape. Composite functional modules become the most “appropriate to stay, appropriate to gather” space in a moving line dominated by soft scenery, to dissolve the apathy of neighbors. The healing planting box, the miniature water wheel and the circular seat combined with the flower box are the garden healing seen on the forest road. The movable landscape sketch of “multi-purpose for one stool and multi-purpose for one table” creates a curious space suitable for different people scales in the secret garden.

▼圆形围合的硬质景观与自然形态的软质景观有机结合,the circular hard landscape is organically combined with the natural soft landscape ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影

▼园艺种植园,the planting garden ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影

▼疗愈种植盒子、微型水车、结合花箱的环形座椅,The healing planting box, the miniature water wheel and the circular seat ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影

▼复合功能的交流模块,Composite functional modules ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影

▼优美的自然景观与建筑小品,Beautiful natural landscape and architectural installation ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影

▼种类丰富的植物,A rich variety of plants ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影


In the last words


Ecology makes up for the lack of space
Culture is the consideration of time memory
Lois is a guide to social integrity

▼夜景鸟瞰,aerial night view of the project ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影


Weaving ecological space short board
Revitalize urban culture
Promote the formation of complete communities

▼大门灯光效果,lighting effect of the gate ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影

▼空中廊道灯光效果,lighting effect of the aerial corridor ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影

▼廊道与旋转楼梯,the corridor and spiral staircase ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影


The design of urban renewal,
It is the darning of the city in time and space
It is an effort to create a better life
It’s an effort to bring the memory of ecology to the city

▼广场喷泉夜景,Night view of fountain in the square ©zoom/琢墨建筑摄影

▼分析图,diagram ©沈阳建筑大学HA+建筑方案创意工作室

▼总平面图,master plan ©沈阳建筑大学HA+建筑方案创意工作室

文案:王振宇 刘一达

Project name:China Resources Land · Times Park
Design:Shenyang Jianzhu University HA+STUDIO
Contact e-mail:15734008806@163.com
Design time: December 2020 – March 2021;Completion date: June 2021
Leader designer & Team:Zhu Ling, Liu Yida, Wei Yi, Wang Zhenyu, Zheng Zhiyu, Hu Zhenguo, Leng Xuedong, Zhang Jingru, Zhang Kunpeng
Project location:Dadong District, Shenyang City
Total construction area: 65,000 square meters
Construction area of the first phase: 48,000 square meters
Photography/Copyright: ZOOM/Cut Ink Architectural Photography
Partners:Shenyang Green Field Architecture Landscape Environment Design Co., LTD

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