CHI CHI OFFICE, Osaka by koyori + atelier Salt

A Japanese-style office with relax atmosphere

Project Specs


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This project is an office interior design for the CHICHI Graphic design firm.The room is located in a western style building from early Showa period in Higobashi, Osaka city.

▼办公室概览,overview of the office

该项目旨在打造出独具特色的设计及办公环境。 设计师希望这个环境能具有像咖啡厅那样的轻松氛围,以淡化办公和洽谈的紧张感,使交流更加愉悦。

It aims at differentiating itself from other offices in the area, characterized by the presence of a lot of design studios and offices. Although it is an office, it is a relaxed space as a cafe, expecting that the flow of ideas is perceived in negotiation times. That is the main sense of design.

▼设计、办公区域,design area


It avoids placing a clear partition between the workspace and meeting room with the presence of shade plants as a soft layer inside the space.

▼中间植物隔断, shade plants as a soft layer inside the space

▼谈判、会客区域, negotiation and meeting area


As for the furniture, a peculiar olive finish with unnoticed wood grain was adopted, so that the office would show its own taste over the time.

▼家具细节,detail of furniture

▼室内平面图,interior plan

▼室内南立面图,south elevation

▼室内北立面图, north elevation

▼室内东、西立面图, east and west elevation

Studios: koyori + atelier Salt
Architects: Nahoko Nakamura, Masahiko Nakamura, Yoji Fujiwara
Photograph: Shohei Yoshida

More: koyori , 更多关于他们:koyori on gooood

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