The path in the reception office – The reception office of BaiTaling art school in Hangzhou, China by AN Interior Design

A poetic pathway space composed by concrete and metal.

Project Specs


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The reception office is a narrow path which connects a door to another.

▼ 项目外观,external view of the project

003-The Channel of Reception Office_AN Interior


“Pathway is pragmatic.”
“Let the pathway be part of the space. IT could be poetic.”


▼传达室通道校园内侧,view of the pathway from the campus

004-The Channel of Reception Office_AN Interior


The design focus on the external of the building. Strictly speaking,the external part is a path,and the internal structure is just like the traditional reception office. Pedeatrians have to take the reception office’s path to reach the school. This is the basic route the school excepted us to design. And there is a staff restroom besides the building.

▼传达室外侧入口,entrance of the reception office outside the campus

006-The Channel of Reception Office_AN Interior

▼入口处略带机械感的设计,design with mechanical sense at the entrance

reception office-102


The Designer redesigned the path which was wrapped and elongated. And finally,they consist of the new reception office. The wrapped space becomes the architectural space,it can interact with light,rain and air. We want to increase some more details by the narrow and exposing some structure. And we designed some details with a complex and mechanical sense in the entrance. It’s antique and mechanical.

▼小院内侧通道入口,entrance of the pathway inside the campus

reception office-5

▼通道内,inside the pathway

reception office-52

▼开口与自然产生联系,connected with the nature through openings

reception office-6     reception office-62


The materials we use were aluminum,copper and concrete. The surface is still in the trial testing stage.It will present a oxidation effect with the traces of polishing. The project presents a sence of future with retro and blue.

▼材料细部,materials and details

013-The Channel of Reception Office_AN Interior     014-The Channel of Reception Office_AN Interior

▼平面图和流线分析,plan with circulation analysis


设计师:翁善伟 袁佳叠

Project: The reception office of BaiTaling art school
Completion: Sep.2016
Place: Zhuantang Hangzhou
Area: 20㎡
Client: Hangzhou BaiTaling art school
Design: Hangzhou AN Interior Design Co.,Ltd.
Designer: Shanwei Weng/Jiadie Yuan
Photographer: Yujie Liu

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