C.C. BABCOQ by Tom Mark Henry

Fun, design and delicacy

Project Specs


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C.C. Babcoq是悉尼克罗努拉一家风格古怪有趣,集烤肉店和酒吧为一体的餐厅。这间餐厅与美国著名情景喜剧《超级保姆》里的角色C.C. Babcock同名。她时髦而大胆的个性与沿海的地理特征相融合,一起被运用到了餐厅的室内设计中。设计团队从她的角色中获得了许多欢乐,并探索如何将其带入设计。他们从剧中的人物演出、场景、服饰和台词中找到一些能够展现时髦感,同时与克罗努拉的美食场景相适应的元素。

C.C. Babcoq is a fun and quirky fit out for a rotisserie, carvery and cocktail bar in Cronulla. The namesake C.C. Babcock from The Nanny is sassy and bold. Her personality has been adopted for the interiors, with a fusion of a coastal influences to reference the beachside location. We had a lot of fun abstracting her character and exploring how we could bring that out in the interior. We looked to stills from the show, scenes, outfits and lines that could provide inspiration for an equally ‘sassy’ interior, whilst fitting in with the Cronulla foodie scene.


▼用餐空间,the dining space

设计师还与一位壁画艺术家合作,在4米高的后墙上注入色彩和图案。 Lymesmith的壁画“Rockpool”在街上清晰可见,激起了路人的好奇。壁画的设计轻盈,颜色与室内基调相适应,抽象的海洋岩石群图案,从上方看像是对餐厅在克罗诺拉海滨位置的呼应。

We collaborated with a mural artist to inject colour and pattern onto the 4m high rear wall. Lymesmith’s mural “Rockpool” is clearly visible from the street and stimulates the interest of the passersby. The mural was designed with a light touch. It plays with the colour and material palette set by the interior design, without being imitative. Its abstract representation of an ocean rock pool, seen from above, is a response to the restaurant’s seaside location in Cronulla.

▼餐厅后墙上的壁画,murals on the back wall of the dining room

▼壁画的色彩丰富柔和,图案生动有趣,colour is rich and downy, design is vivid and interesting


We used curves in the shape of the counter, soft edges on seating and design details such as terrazzo floor inlays to reference the art deco building the site is located. High quality, yet fun and durable materiality was employed, in particular, the stand out feature being the green terrazzo bar.

▼曲线状的吧台, curves in the shape of the counter

▼吧台底部的曲线设计,curve design at the bottom of the bar


Located in a beautiful art-deco building, we referenced the heritage of the site by repeating the curves of the building in the interior design. People come here straight off the beach expecting quality food so it need to be a fine balance of casual, yet refined and also bring something a little bit unexpected.

▼柔软的包边沙发,the enveloping edge sofa with softness

▼餐桌椅细部,details of the dining table and chair


The floor plan is a unique split-use plan comprising of takeaway and dine-in with a central kitchen separating the two. Two shopfronts facing the pedestrian only street act as visual connection between the takeaway and dining. Custom high-banquette seating maximizes the street interaction from the side laneway. The mix of indoor and outdoor seating mean year-round this is a venue to be enjoyed by beach goes and serious diners alike.

▼餐厅外卖区,the takeaway area

Designer:Tom Mark Henry
Photography:Damian Bennett
Mural Artist:Lymesmith

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