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gooood book: Reading List of Modernism and Contemporary City by Wang Hui from URBANUS

(Only in Chinese)Books that bring architects to the start line of contemporary design.

2019 Greeting cards from our friends

Happy holiday and best wishes to all our friends!

gooood book: The thought track of fluidity in freeze frame – comments on《Roberto Burle Marx Lectures: Landscape as Art and Urbanism》by Lin Jiang Quan

A good garden must be a work of art, but first he has to have minds.

Rem Koolhaas’ Lecture on elements of architecture

(Only in Chinese)Encyclopaedia of architectural elements

gooood book “Demain: un nouveau monde en marche”

(Only Chinese)What should we do, if we witness the end of the world?

gooood book <THE 100-YEAR LIFE> Living and Working in an Age of Longevity

(Only Chinese) If we all live to be 100 years old, what should we do with our lives and work?

gooood book <Shanghai Modern Architecture>

(Only Chinese) Shanghai architecture from modern to contemporary

Happy B-day ~ ! gooood

Happy eighth birthday to gooood and best wishes to our friends who are supporting our work.

gooood book Extra Episode – documentary: China Reinvents Itself

Only Chinese Text . Impressive innovations in high-tech areas of contemporary China.

gooood book 《投资异类》王利杰


2018 Happy New Year!


2018 Greeting cards from our friends

Happy holiday and best wishes to all our friends!

Happy B-day ~ ! gooood

We would like to appreciate your continuous support.

gooood book 《设计与死》黑川雅之


gooood book x nendo创始人佐藤大的设计哲学

佐藤大,“最受世界尊敬的100位日本人”,当今最受追捧的日本新生代设计师。(only Chinese text)

gooood book × the Urban and Architecture of YiXi

(Only in Chinese) Thought is the rock of this era.

gooood book 《北方的空地》

(only cn text) 77天,一人一车,徒步穿越无人大荒原。

Poems about Chinese New Year

精选三首与春节有关的诗:《除夕》 《元日》 《春节看花市》 读者朋友们节日快乐