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Designing your own furniture and creating a unique wonderland for your cat

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LYCS零壹城市建筑事务所给gooood分享了猫桌1.0 (CaTable 1.0 ) (已有21条评论)的一年后,他们于今年闪亮推出了猫桌2.0。更多请至:RUAN Hao / LYCS on gooood






What’s hidden in your drawers? What kind of books would you put up on your shelf? For the same piece of furniture, we might have a thousand answers out of a thousand people. Compare to the dazzling forms of the furniture, we have a lot more curiosity over these stories behind each one of them, because they are real, subtle and sometimes, dramatic.

Last year, we designed CATable 1.0 which provides us with a unique space to share with our kitties. This year, CATable 2.0 is no longer a proper-sized table. It consists of 4 pieces of cubic wooden module in exactly the same size. Each one has a particular path for cat to stroll, and the “remainder” space would be used up to the cat lover’s own need: you can use them directly as stools, or stacking them into tea table, short ark, or even book shelf. You are participating designing your own furniture and creating a unique wonderland for your cat.

▼2015米兰设计周有展 2015 Milan Design Week









Exhibit: CATable 2.0
Designer: RUAN Hao, LYCS Architecture
Design Team: RUAN Hao, LAI Zhenyu, Tong Chaochao, LIN Jingrui
Size: 40cm * 40cm * 40cm
Material: Wood 
Images: Courtesy of LYCS Architecture 

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