Cat Cube, China by Lei Du

Establishing the Interactive Media Between Human Being and Cat

Project Specs


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For those who have raised cats will always find a strange phenomenon, that is, cats seem to be extremely interested in cardboard boxes. If there are some holes on a cardboard box, cats will hide inside and observe through the holes. When they encounter something that they are curious about, they will quickly attack it by their claw from the holes, and then take it back to prepare for the next sneak attack. Such a game is always enjoyable for cats.

▼猫立方外观,appearance of the cat cube ©杜雷


The designing of Cat Cube comes from the above idea, utilizing inexpensive and accessible materials to transform daily things. To build it, having layers of corrugated boards stacked together to reflect the sense of order of the boards, and act as a cat scratch board. A simple cube shape design is adopted, which is easy to place anywhere indoor, and it can even be used as a temporary coffee table. Each facade uses the concave opening method, similar to a viewfinder, so people can get a better view of the inside from the outside. The holes in different positions and shapes create more forms of interaction between human beings and cats.

▼各个立面采用内凹的开洞方式,Each facade uses the concave opening method ©杜雷

▼瓦楞纸板层层叠加同时可以充当猫抓板,corrugated boards stacked and act as a cat scratch board ©杜雷


For people, Cat Cube is a barrier, this is different from the normal way of getting along with cats. It makes people feel a sense of distance, and at the same time, it makes the hidden cat unable to present itself completely. Viewing the cats through the concave holes, you may only see their claws, eyes, or nose. These fragmented viewing impressions make people have a new experience and perceptions of cats.

▼从洞口爬出袭击,Climb out of the hole and attack ©杜雷

▼伸出爪子向外偷袭,Sneak out with his paw ©杜雷

▼只能看到眼睛鼻子的猫,Cat that can only see his eye and nose ©杜雷

▼从洞口向外窥探,Peep out of the hole ©杜雷


For cats, Cat Cube is an upgraded version of cardboard box, which aligns with cat’s hunting nature. The inner cavity provides the darkness and shelter, and different forms of holes let the cat decide what kind of posture to attack a target outside of the box.

▼瓦楞板猫立方细部,details of the cat cube ©杜雷

项目设计 & 完成年份:2020年12月

Project name:Cat Cube
Design:Lei Du
Design year & Completion Year:12/2020
Leader designer & Team:Lei Du
Project location:China
Photo credits:Lei Du
Material:corrugated board

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