Cat-À-Tête by Formation Association, Arktura, BuroHappold

Cats’ palace

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Cat-à-Tête is a feral cat shelter which takes the form of a tête-à-tête, an S-shaped seat allowing face-to-face conversation, the structure of which provides a social framework for cats and humans alike.

Cats enter the Cat-à-Tête structure through various openings, escaping their would-be predators.  The soft, protected interior is spatially organized in a continuous figure 8 circuit offering areas of rest, play, and observation.

001-Cat-À-Fête by Formation Association

002-Cat-À-Fête by Formation Association



The structure of Cat-à-Tête is comprised of a sustainable sheet material typically used for acoustical applications.  It is light, soft, and geometrically stable.  Though possessing the visual and tactile properties of felt,  the material is composed largely of recycled plastic bottles, washable, and is in turn completely recyclable.

Parametrically defined sectional ribs are fabricated from the acoustical sheet material and laminated together, creating a composite structural action across the serial section volume.  Alternating ribs and open slots allow the rhythmic infiltration of light to move across textured interior spaces.

006-Cat-À-Fête by Formation Association

005-Cat-À-Fête by Formation Association

004-Cat-À-Fête by Formation Association

003-Cat-À-Fête by Formation Association


这个曾在洛杉矶Herman Miller showroom展出的猫椅是 ‘Architects for Animals: Giving Shelter’展览的一部分,意在为流浪猫打造造型不同但同样安全的栖息地。

The binary nature of Cat-à-Tête’s serial construction points to the binary relationship between feral cats and humans – While the two may not cross-paths when visiting Cat-à-Tête, the structure’s form suggests an on-going inter-species dialogue through repeated binary alternation.

Exhibited at the Herman Miller showroom in Los Angeles, Cat-à-Tête is a collaboration by Formation Association, Arktura, BuroHappold, and contributed to ‘Architects for Animals: Giving Shelter’, an exhibit of architect-designed feral cat shelters.

008-Cat-À-Fête by Formation Association

007-Cat-À-Fête by Formation Association

Project: Cat-à-Tête
Type: Cat Shelter
Client: Architects for Animals
Team: Formation Association, Arktura, BuroHappold
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Drawings: Formation Association
English Text: Formation Association
Chinese Text: gooood

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