Casa Mirador by +arquitectos

Living and viewing in a concrete space

Project Specs


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本住宅项目坐落于安第斯山脉山脚下的一个小山坡上,朝向北方,俯瞰着Manquehue山(Manquehue Hill)迷人的山谷。

Located in the base of the Andes mountains, the project is placed at the top of a hill with north orientation looking towards the valley of the Manquehue Hill.

▼住宅主入口外观,设有硬质铺地平台,the entrance facade of the house with a hard-front access patio


The single-family house, consists of a ground level with spaces opened to far views, a first level with a multipurpose room surrounded by a green roof and a basement level that houses cellars and machine rooms. Placed in the middle of the site, the house divides the lot completely, leaving in the south area, a hard-front access patio and services, and towards to the north area, the terraces, swimming pool and gardens.

▼住宅北立面外观,设有露台、花园等,视野开阔,north view of the house that is opened to far views with the terraces and gardens

▼住宅二层外观,被绿色屋顶包围,exterior view of the first floor of the house surrounded by a green roof

▼住宅二层外观,设有混凝土打造的格栅状遮阳雨蓬,exterior view of the first floor of the house with a concrete awning in the form of the grating

▼从二层平台看城市和远山的景色,viewing the city and mountains in the distance from the terrace on the first floor


The structure is raw concrete, and to improve the insulation, was coated by a ventilated façade of a precast concrete panels (The same was used in pavements), maintaining the monochromatic character of the project.

▼住宅首层的半室外露台,通过大面积的玻璃推拉门与室内起居室直接联系,the terrace on the ground floor that is directly connected with the interior living room through large glass sliding doors

▼住宅首层的起居室空间,由混凝土打造而成,the living room made of the concrete on the ground floor of the house

▼通向二层的楼梯,the stairs leading up to the first floor

▼住宅空间局部,设有天窗采光,partial interior view of the house with the skylights for natural light

▼住宅空间局部,墙面被覆以预制混凝土板构成的饰面(左),预制混凝土板构成的饰面细节(右),partial interior view of the house that is coated by a ventilated façade of precast concrete panels (left), details of the precast concrete panels (right)

▼首层平面图(左),二层平面图(右),ground floor plan (left), first floor plan (right)

▼北立面图,north elevation

▼南立面图,south elevation

▼剖面构造详图,constructive section

Project size: 550 m2
Site size: 1246 m2
Completion date: 2013
Building levels: 2
Project team: +arquitectos

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