a serene house created with simple materials

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Case Iguana can be synthesized in three independent volumes connected by a bridge. The space generated in between is delimited by three lattice facades made out of thin clay bricks arranged in the same way in which a tower of cards is raised, evoking the cornices on walls and balconies used in some of the traditional constructions of the region. 

▼建筑外观,exterior view


Located just four hundred meters away from the Gulf of Mexico, the house faces an environment of high humidity, corrosion and strong wind gusts, called “nortes”. 

On the ground floor, the single family house has a public and service program organized within the limits of the three volumes. On the first floor, on the other hand, we find an exclusively private program, distributing one bedroom in each volume.

The house is supported over a concrete skirting board, a monolithic extension of the foundation that emerges from the earth; like the roots of a tree, reflection of its structural basis.

▼建筑模型,the building model

▼二层悬挑下方作为车库,the cantilevered volume create a parking lot

▼入口,the entrance

▼穿插的体量间以水景注入活力,the waterscape adds dynamic to the internal space


Light plays an important role when it works in conjunction with the lattice walls. A game of light and shadow runs through the spaces, materializing the passage of time.

▼镂空菱格砖墙带来丰富的光影,a game of light and shadow runs through the spaces

▼砖格细节,the brick wall detail


The naturally exposed materials give the house their color and texture inside and outside. The concrete elements and the exposed beam/vault block ceiling system get balanced by the warm feeling of the clay bricks on walls and floors; the external perimeter of each volume is covered with a flattened made by a mixture of white cement and chucum resin. They are all of easy maintenance and enough presence to dignify the work over time.

▼天然去雕饰的材料赋予建筑质朴的色泽及肌理,naturally exposed materials give the house their color and texture inside and outside

▼窗边精致的家具陈设,the delicate scene by the window

▼卧室,the bedrooms

▼如画的细节,detail view




Location: Veracruz, Mexico.
Construction Area: 365 m2
Project Year: 2014
Construction Year: 2016
Photography: Adrian Llaguno / Documentacion Arquitectonica.
Construction: V+B Construcciones.
Structural Engineer: Apolinar Cortez Sanchez.
Materials: Beam/vault block ceiling system, concrete, clay bricks, chucum resin.

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