Casa da Marginal, Portugal by PF Architecture Studio

reinterpreting the mid-century solution of the butterfly wing roof

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项目坐落于海滨城市埃斯波森迪,面朝Cávado河与18世纪的S. João Batista堡垒。事务所接受一对年轻夫妇的委托,将这处已废置二十多年的双层排屋改造成了新的住宅。

Facing Cávado’s River mouth and the 18th century fort of S. João Batista, in the city of Esposende, Casa da Marginal emerges from the desire of a young couple to rehabilitate a two- story townhouse, neglected for more than 20 years.

▼项目概览,overview © João Morgado

葡萄牙建筑师Viana de Lima于1950年代设计了这栋房屋,它是八栋半独立夏日别墅的其中之一。尽管最终落成的房屋与原设计相差较大,仍然可从中发现原始现代主义的痕迹。本案中,建筑师需要应对挑战,将其改造成灵活丰富的海边别墅,在尊重现状结构的基础上,重新建立起住宅与周边环境的关系。

▼体量与高差,the mass and the site © João Morgado

The house, originally designed in the 1950’s by the Portuguese architect Viana de Lima, is part of a group of 8 small semi-detached summer houses, although strongly distorted from the original design, still show some traces of the original modernism. The challenge was to design a beach house, informal, flexible, that would establish a strong relationship with the surroundings and at the same time respect the pre-existent building.

▼开放立面,the open facade © João Morgado


The condition of the building, as well as its small size made unavoidable its expansion both on the ground and first floors. On the ground floor, the expansion solution included the total occupation of the land on the back (East) of the plot and the creation of two patios that rescue the light to the interior of the new spaces.

▼落地窗内的起居室,the living room with floor-to-ceiling window © João Morgado

▼厨房外的遮阳构件,shadings outside the kitchen © João Morgado

▼开放厨房,the open kitchen © João Morgado


On the first floor the need for expansion led us to reinterpret the mid-century solution of the butterfly wing roof, partially expanding the floor to the East. The house has an East West orientation, exposing all rooms to the Cávado River and its encounter with the Atlantic Ocean. For this reason it was impossible to resist the temptation to increase the original windows. Opening the façade created an almost absolute interpenetration between the interior and exterior, bringing the sea into the house’s interior.

▼从厨房看室内庭院,view of the patio from the kitchen © João Morgado

▼玻璃围合的庭院,view of the patio from the kitchen © João Morgado

▼庭院旁的休憩角落,rest area by the patio © João Morgado

▼从院落看次卧,view of the second bedroom from the patio © João Morgado

▼开放浴室,the open bathroom© João Morgado


Because Casa da Marginal is a weekend’s house the program was developed with a focus on social areas, the entire ground floor was designed so that all spaces communicate with each other, kitchen, living / dining room, bathroom and guest room, avoiding corridors or antechambers. The first floor houses onlythe master suite, which through a large horizontal gap visually communicates with the sea.

▼楼梯通向二层,the stairs leading to the second floor © João Morgado

▼光影效果,the light and shadow © João Morgado


This is a summer house to be lived all year round, a house that encourages   proximity, long meals, sunny afternoons in the garden or winter evenings by the fireplace.

▼二层主卧,the master bedroom on the second floor © João Morgado


Casa da Marginal is a project without pretension, without formal exhibitionism, without trivialities. It is a silent house, modern in composition, traditional in principles and, essentially Portuguese.

▼夜景,night view © João Morgado

▼区位图,location © PF Architecture Studio

▼首层平面,the ground floor plan © PF Architecture Studio

▼二层平面,the 1st floor plan © PF Architecture Studio

Project: Mid Century house remodelling
Design: PF Arch Studio
Engineering: ASL&Associados, Lda + UrbanAct
Construction: HomeReab, Lda
Photography: João Morgado
Styling: Rute Moreda
Location: Esposende, Portugal
Year: 2008-2020
Client: Private

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