Casa box by FC Studio

A surprising interior space with a stiff appearance

Project Specs


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The Box house, located in a residential neighborhood in the city of São Paulo, was designed for a young architect, to himself. The size of the ground (20 x 10m) corner, directed the implementation where all the openings are located in two of the four facades. Zenith openings and the inner patio illuminate the environments that are located on the other two facades. From the street, the house emerges behind the wall like an opaque box with no openings. This was intentional, because the discretion generates more security (reality of the city).

▼位于住宅区角落的Box住宅,Box House at the corner of the residential neighborhood

▼从街道望去,仿佛一个私密的不透明盒子,look like a private opaque box from the street


As you pass through the front gate of Corten steel, you come to a hall from which you can read, for the first time, the volumetry of the whole project and the differentiation of the program through the choice of materials. The opaque box, which before seemed to be heavy, rests in a glass box on the ground floor and makes it appear to float.

▼耐候钢材质的平推门,the front gate of Corten steel

▼一楼客厅,living room on the ground floor

▼客厅旁的厨房,the kitchen beside the living room

▼餐厅,the dining room

从一楼客厅的推拉玻璃门可以看到室内庭院, 在视觉上产生了一种互动。二楼主要是私密区,比如套间和电视房,外立面使用波形板材质。立面开窗的多种可能性使采光,声学效果和安全性都变得可控。

On the ground floor, the sliding glass doors allows a visual integration with the garden. Here is a social part (living) in a functional way. The second floor contains the private area (suite, TV room) that determined the outer covering of the residence: miniwave panels. The different possibility of openings controls sunlight, acoustic and safety.

▼一楼客厅的推拉玻璃门,the sliding glass door in the living room

▼室内庭院,the patio

▼在庭院里看住宅,view of the house from the patio

▼二楼客厅,living room on the second floor

▼二楼客厅楼梯旁的储物空间,the store space beside the staircase

▼兼具私密和开放性的卧室,the suite with privacy and openness

▼天窗下的卧室配套浴室,the bathroom under the scuttle


On the rooftop, the garden completes the program and establishes a distinct relationship with the surroundings. It’s like a belvedere. Facts such as solar heating (water), gardens, cross ventilation and construction technique adopted (speed) generate an efficient house quality.

▼屋顶花园,the roof garden


The architecture respected the real conditions of the place, in the organization of the plant and in the definition of materials, passing through the design of the details.


▼夜景,night view of the house

▼体块分析,volume analysis

▼通风分析,ventilation analysis

▼日照分析,sunshine analysis

▼绿化分析,landscape analysis



Construction theme: Manufacturer
Architecture, landscaping and interior design projects: FCStudio
Exterior landscaping: Rossin + Tramontina
Construction: FCStudio
Structural Engineering Project: Useaço
Electrical and Hydraulic Project: Waldir Mirhan
Metal structure: Useaço
Basic Material: C & C – House and Construction
Concrete: Intercement (Cauê)
Metal Facade: Iron Logic
Aluminum Frames: Esquadralum
Glasses: Jacqsa
Granite countertops: Santorini
Sanitary ware and metals: Deca, Grohe
Painting: France painting
Air conditioning: STR
Waterproofing: Tecveda
Woodwork: Creatto
Raised roof floor: Levitare
Furniture: Estudio Bola , Moroso, Foscarini, Vibia, BD Barcelona

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