CARE FOR MILK by Ekaterina Semenova

Using Milk as glaze on ceramics to achieve various colors and textures

Project Specs


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Ekaterina Semenova来自俄罗斯,在荷兰Eindhoven设计学院学习设计。通过学习研究俄罗斯的文化和材料,她获得了许多灵感,学会了使用木头,陶瓷等材料,并热衷于制作各色各样的成品。在宜家实习期间,她对潮流有了更专业的预测,并且担任了新产品引发的工作。这些经验帮助她将牛奶运用到陶瓷的制作中,完成了毕业作品“关心牛奶”。

Studied design in Design Academy Eindhoven (The Netherlands). Originally from Russia, Ekaterina finds inspiration in her native culture as well as material research. She loves getting creative with shapes, colours and forms from research to actual product. Passion for material research brought her to design study where she learned how to work with different materials like wood, ceramics. During her internship at Ikea Ekaterina acquired experience in trend forecasting and was working on developing concept for new collection. A skill that helped her a lot in the research process for Ekaterina’s graduation project Care for Milk.



由于被过量生产,牛奶的价格不断下跌,其价值已不为大众所重视。Ekaterina Semenova希望通过“关心牛奶”这个作品,探寻牛奶的新用途,重新挖掘德国乳制品的价值,让牛奶重获关注。为了不造成浪费,她用邻居剩下的牛奶进行实验。在老俄罗斯工匠的指导下,她将不同的乳制品当做陶瓷釉料使用,发现这样做可以使黏土更加防水耐用。浸入不同乳制品的土坯在烧制后表面会形成丰富的棕色纹路,通过使用不同种类和乳脂含量的牛奶,她能够制作出不同颜色的成品。


22-30 October, Ekaterina Semenova shows her project during Dutch Design Week 2016 as a part of Graduation Show at Design Academy Eindhoven. Ekaterina Semenova’s exhibited work is an attempt to reclaim the way milk used to be valued prior to its mega industrialization. She has explored the effects of different dairy products and waste when used as a glaze on ceramics, which makes the clay both more durable and waterproof.

Overproduction and continuous price drops have seen our appreciation of milk sink to an all-time low. With Care for Milk Ekaterina Semenova wants to reclaim the value of this characteristic Dutch dairy product. Focusing on waste reduction, she collected leftovers from neighborhood households to experiment with new uses. Taking the advice from old Russian craftsmen, she applied it to ceramics. By dipping earthenware into different dairy products, various shades of silky brown appear after baking. Depending on the type and fatness of the milk she can achieve different color result.






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