Calm After The Storm – Beach Study by Sally West

the vivid beach view

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Sally West是澳大利亚最知名的艺术家之一,她的作品颇受国际藏家的青睐。这里为大家展示她的最新创作海滩系列。自由奔放的涂抹尽显夏日海滩休闲风情。精准娴熟的色彩与恣意的触痕,让虽是色块展现的画面如此鲜活生动,仿佛可以听见海浪声声与人声鼎沸。

Sally West is a leading Australian artist and her work is internationally collected. Her professional career as an artist has taken her all over the world, winning prizes and selling to private collectors.

Free and unobtrusive brushwork show summer beach leisure style. With accurate and skilled color and wanton touch marks, the painting looks so fresh and vivid, as if you can hear the sound of the waves and voices.










More: Sally West ,更多请至: Sally West on gooood

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