CAFÉ CHEZ TETA, Montreal by IVY Studio

merging the comfort of Lebanese design with a minimalist esthetic

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Chez Tet咖啡厅位于蒙特利尔最热闹的商业街之一,将黎巴嫩美食的传统与现代咖啡厅的品味完美融合。室内设计采用简单的材质和色调,将舒适的黎巴嫩风格和极简主义美学相结合。Teta在阿拉伯语中意为祖母,空间既具有一种“祖母之家”的温暖氛围,也展示出蒙特利尔传统的咖啡厅风情。

Located at the corner of one of the most dynamic commercial streets in Montreal, Café Chez Teta combines under one roof the traditions of Lebanese cuisine with the flavours and quality of a new third wave café. A simple material palette merges the comfort of Lebanese design with a minimalist esthetic. The space simultaneously projects the warm ambiance of a grandmothers’ home (*Teta means grandmother in Arabic) as well as the energy of a typical Montreal café.

▼室内概览,overview © ALEX LESAGE


We enter the space through a generous glazed vestibule. Inside, the walls are adorned with walnut veneer and a handmade plaster finish, punctuated by locally produced custom terracotta light fixtures and horizontal mirror bands.

▼用餐区,the dining area © ALEX LESAGE


The bistro style furniture is composed of delicate classic Thonet walnut chairs and stools. Two long banquettes with natural leather and a burgundy velvet backrest sweep around the main walls of the dining room. The bistro tables are made of a matching powder coated dark burgundy steel and solid walnut top. The large communal table with its hand carved ornate walnut base and walnut encased sand coloured marble top has a commanding presence in the centre of the room. At the window, a high counter lets you enjoy a warm coffee while looking out on Rachel Street.

▼不同类型的座位,different styles of seatings © ALEX LESAGE

▼窗边的吧台与高凳,the high counter © ALEX LESAGE


With large windows covering both main facades, the room is filled with natural light for the majority of the day. A large sliding window behind the counter allows customers to order directly from the street, livening up the side walk outside. The service counter is divided into two unique pieces. The order counter is a monolithic marble block, with deep tones of red, beige, black and white. Beside it is the pick-up bar, a higher curved counter wrapped in the walnut veneer. Above the counters, a burgundy steel structure with a custom laser cut cane pattern is used for storage. This pattern is repeated for the window counter and coffee displays. Three squared arches with wooden shelves are used to showcase Teta’s signature ceramic dinnerware. Underneath, clients can serve themselves water from the antique brass faucet.

▼房屋中央的木制柜台,wooden shelves in the center © ALEX LESAGE

▼咖啡制作区,the coffee making area © ALEX LESAGE

厨房中的一切都旨在为顾客提供最佳的味觉体验。在这里,Marzocco意式咖啡机与传统土耳其式咖啡机共同运作,还有独特的黎巴嫩烤箱专门用于烘焙传统的Manoush’eh派。Chez Teta咖啡厅中的专业设备与独特的黎巴嫩风情将为蒙特利尔的咖啡爱好者们带来无比愉悦的体验。

In the kitchen, nothing was left to chance to offer customers the best culinary experience. A Marzocco espresso machine is placed next to a traditional Turkish sand coffee machine. A unique Lebanese oven, a must in the making of traditional Manoush’eh flatbread pie, was imported for the café. There is no doubt that the quality of the equipment combined with the Lebanese know-how at Café Chez Teta will please even the biggest coffee amateurs of Montreal.

▼细部,details © ALEX LESAGE

▼平面图,plan © IVY Studio


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