C. Ellet’s by Square Feet Studio

A next-generation steakhouse in a modern, Big Easy mood

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C. Ellet’s是一家新生代牛排餐厅,位于The Battery区的一处显眼场地。The Battery是一个新兴的综合休闲区,其中包括亚特兰大棒球队的主场所在地SunTrust Park。

C. Ellet’s is a next-generation steakhouse housed in a commanding corner of The Battery, the new mixed-use entertainment district that includes SunTrust Park, home of the Atlanta Braves.

▼项目概览,general view ©Andrew Thomas Lee

该餐厅是James Beard奖获奖厨师Linton Hopkins以其曾祖父的名字命名:Charles Ellet, Jr.是一位桥梁工程师,因而设计团队将制图学和从密西西比河流向新奥尔良的蜿蜒支流作为设计的灵感来源。威尼斯石膏墙、柔和的灰色大理石、银色的镜子、老木地板、锌与黄铜的点缀加上从轻薄的窗帘中透过的光线,共同营造出一种现代的“Big Easy”氛围。弧形的角落和边缘为细节赋予了主题,将空间中的各种材料聚合在一起。

It is the latest concept from James Beard award-winning chef, Linton Hopkins, who named the restaurant after his great-grandfather, an engineer who built bridges across the Southeast. Charles Ellet, Jr. thus served as our muse as we gathered design inspiration from the language of cartography and the meandering tributaries that flow into the Mississippi and down to New Orleans. A modern, Big Easy mood is set by the pearlescent tones and textures of Venetian plaster walls, soft grey marble, silvery mirrors, old wood floors, and zinc, with brass accents and diffuse light through gauzy drapery. Gently radiused corners and edges provide a detailing motif as materials come together throughout the space.

▼酒吧用餐区,bar dining area ©Andrew Thomas Lee


The restaurant is organized as a procession of individual spaces, flowing from public to private. A gracious main entry receives guests with access to both the dining room and bar area.

▼入口接待台和主厨餐桌,chef’s table & reception ©Andrew Thomas Lee


Intimate banquettes are tucked along the perimeter of the dining room under a scenic mural that curves along the soffit above. A long, linear wine hall leads to a small vestibule and ultimately, the private dining room and secluded bar. The oyster bar anchors the front corner of the restaurant with a window opening onto the pedestrian promenade for take-away orders.

▼主用餐区:四周的路径与吊顶上的风景壁画形成呼应 ©Andrew Thomas Lee
Intimate banquettes are tucked along the perimeter of the dining room under a scenic mural that curves along the soffit above

▼用餐区细节,interior details ©Andrew Thomas Lee

▼私人酒吧,private bar ©Andrew Thomas Lee


Patio dining flanks the main entry, offering a view of the scene along the promenade. A generous kitchen and back-of-house area allow Chef Hopkins and his staff to produce the locally-sourced, innovative cuisine for which he’s well-known.

▼生蚝吧外部入口,entrance to the Oyster Bar ©Andrew Thomas Lee

▼一层平面图,floor plan ©Square Feet Studio

▼吊顶平面图,reflected ceiling plan ©Square Feet Studio

▼室内立面,interior elevations ©Square Feet Studio

Project size: 6300 ft2
Completion date: 2017
Project team: Square Feet Studio

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