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来自 WAATAA 对gooood的分享。更多关于他们:WAATAA on gooood. Appreciation towards WAATAA for providing the following description:


We found three empty large spaces with substantial height ceilings, large windows dimensions and each with its own sanitary facilities. Their use till the date was commercial.

▼ 商业空间被改造为舒适的住宅,the renovation transformed the commercial space into a comfort dwelling


The main purpose of the project focused on the conversion of these commercial spaces into living spaces. We quickly realized that, due to the nature of the pre-existence, the housing core to be generated could not and should not follow conventional patterns.

▼ 模块化的改造创造了新型的生活方式,the inserted modular infrastructure creates a new philosophy for living


The idea is to solve the problem of inhabiting with the creation of independent wood structures that simultaneously solve the spatial organization and distribute all the functional contents necessary to the house. It is with these modules that the inhabitant will interact and experience his existential space of refuge. He will open and close, get up and down, transforming his daily experience.

▼ 第一处空间改造,one of the renovated space

▼ 空间中的夹层,the mezzanine in the dewlling

▼ 夹层上的休息区域,view from the Loft


Pre-existing space walls are covered with cabinets making it the physical limits of the house, with the additional function of providing storage and ensuring acoustic and thermal comfort. Then, there is a reorganization and reformulation of the existing sanitary facilities, making possible its appropriation of the lower and upper levels. Finally, two colored modules are placed inside. A yellow infrastructures container of the cooking act, and a blue one more related to the act of resting. It is essentially these containers that organize the functions and define the space of the house. It can be said that in a hollow and incipient solid, a scenario is created through the introduction of modules that make the overlapping and intertwining of spatial functions.

▼ 第二处空间改造,the other renovated space

▼ Loft 上层的卧室,sleeping area on the mezzanine

▼ 位于卧室下方的浴室,the bathroom beneath the resting area.

▼ 浴室细节,detail of the bathroom

▼ 外部空间细节,the detail of the living area

▼ 楼梯,stairs


▼ 改造前平面,Plan before renovation

▼ 改造后平面,Plan after renovation

▼ 剖面图,Section

Architects: WAATAA_we are all together around architecture
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Design team: Rita Cantisano Diz, Lucas Cantisano Diz, Miguel de Gouveia André
Year: 2017
Area: 157,71 sq.m.

More: WAATAA. 更多关于他们:WAATAA on gooood.


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