BUIT by Mayice Studio

GANDIABLASCO aluminium furniture collection for people to enjoy outdoor life

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BUIT是Mayice Studio为GANDIABLASCO品牌新设计的户外家具系列。Mayice Studio是由建筑师Marta Alonso Yebra与Imanol Calderón Elósegui于2014创立的一家涉足多个领域的设计工作室,其总部位于马德里。最近几年,Mayice Studio致力于室内设计项目和家具、产品设计,其作品在纽约、柏林、米兰等城市设计周中均有展出。在创作中,他们喜欢与当地的工匠及妇女合作,对材料与生产工艺进行细致地研究。Mayice studio和GANDIABLASCO品牌一样,喜欢使用优质材料,极其注重加工处理、组合和完成过程中的细节。两家公司也非常尊重传统,他们以过去与现在之间的对话为原则,将传统与新型材料结合起来。

▼BUIT是Mayice Studio为GANDIABLASCO品牌新设计的户外家具系列,BUIT is the new outdoor furniture collection designed by Mayice Studio for the GANDIABLASCO brand

BUIT is the new outdoor furniture collection designed by Mayice Studio for the GANDIABLASCO brand. Mayice is a multi-disciplinary studio with its headquarters in Madrid founded by architects Marta Alonso Yebra and Imanol Calderón Elósegui in 2014. Over recent years they have worked on interior design projects and the design for furniture and objects that have been exhibited at the design weeks of cities such as New York, Berlin and Milan. For their creations they like to work with local craftsmen and women through detailed research into materials and processes.Just like GANDIABLASCO the Mayice studio is interested in using quality materials and working with extreme attention to detail in their treatment, combination and finish. Both firms share a great respect for tradition combined with using innovative materials within a natural dialogue that flows between past and present.

▼BUIT户外家具系列产品,BUIT outdoor furniture collection

在研究了铝的耐久性和人体工学之后,铝材成为GANDIABLASCO产品的材料,塑造了BUIT 系列的独特特征。铝材用于制作这套模块化的产品系列,其中包括一张简洁的单人椅和Febrik Kvadrat软躺椅,软躺椅采用铝网与适用于户外环境的特殊衬垫材质编织而成。模块化产品的特质和轻便性使其能够用于制作沙发、户外床和其他更大的家具。BUIT凝聚着品牌与设计师的对于这个具有显著艺术品质的雕塑般产品系列的情感与兴趣。BUIT将在米兰Rossana Orlandi艺术空间2019年度Salone del Mobile活动中展出。

BUIT features aluminium, the material of choice for GANDIABLASCO, which after researching its resistance and ergonomics, is used to create pieces that form a modular collection including a simple armchair and a pouffe made from an aluminium mesh, woven with a special padded textile for the outdoors, Febrik Kvadrat. The modular nature and lightness of the collection allows for the creation of sofas, outdoor beds and other larger configurations. BUIT is a collaboration that brings together the sensibilities and interests of both the brand and the designers of this sculptural collection with a marked artistic quality. BUIT will be on display at the Rossana Orlandi arts space in Milan during the 2019 edition of the Salone del Mobile.

▼采用铝网与适用于户外环境的特殊衬垫材质编织而成的Febrik Kvadrat软躺椅,an aluminium mesh, woven with a special padded textile for the outdoors, Febrik Kvadrat

▼简洁的单人椅,a simple armchair

▼单人椅细节,detail of the armchair

以Giorgio Armani和Donna Karan等品牌顾问的身份为世界时尚界工作了20多年的时间后,Rossana Orlandi于2002年将自己对设计的热情转变到世界私人收藏家的身上并开设了自己的画廊。这个充满创新性和涉足多个领域的画廊位于Magenta,曾经是一家生产领带的旧工厂,内部独特的空间展示着新兴设计师精心挑选的艺术作品,反映着五大洲最具创新性的潮流。Mayice和GANDIABLASCO的家具系列凝聚了彼此的合作与想象力,为人们一年365天享受户外生活和布置空间创造出一个充满新意而简洁的解决方案。

After more than 20 years dedicated to the world of fashion working as a consultant for brands like Giorgio Armani and Donna Karan, in 2002 Rossana Orlandi decided to translate her passion for design to the world of private collectors and opened her own gallery. An innovative and cross disciplinary space located within an old factory that manufactured neck ties in the Corso Magenta neighbourhood. A rigorous selection of art works and pieces by emerging designers are exhibited in this unique gallery space reflecting the most innovative currents from the 5 continents. With this collection Mayice and GANDIABLASCO join forces and imaginations in order to come up with an innovative and elegant solution to our way of occupying space and enjoying the outdoors 365 days of the year.

▼BUIT为人们的户外生活提供了充满新意而简洁的解决方案,BUIT offers an innovative and elegant solution to enjoying the outdoors

Collection: BUIT
Designer: Mayice Studio
Year: 2019
Material: Anodized aluminium or coated aluminum
Colours: White, agate grey, concrete grey, cement grey, signal grey, olive green, sand, bronze, beige red, orange brown, red orange, wine red, blue grey, grey blue, anthracite, grey brown and black

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