Building Pedro Montt Station by Ortuzar Gebauer Arquitectos

evoking the character of Port Castro

Project Specs


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Castro city, capital and administrative city of Chiloé island, in its urban growth, produced mainly by the aquaculture and tourism industries, today it demands housing in the city, which are currently located and developed in the periphery.

▼建筑外观,exterior appearance ©Pablo Casals

尽管Pedro Montt街区已经成为一个主要的旅游社区,但它必须像这座城市一样,变得更加密集并回应各种用途和功能。初始的住房需求和与当地环境绝佳的联结定义了这座建筑的居住功能。

The Pedro Montt neighborhood, although it has become a mainly touristic quarter, it must, as well as the city, density and reflect different applications and programs. The incipient housing need and the excellent connection of the land, defines the housing vocation of the building.

▼项目周边环境,surrounding environment of project ©Nacho Almonacid

这座建筑的外观如同一个钢结构的大型仓库,识别并唤起了港口记忆,这也是卡斯特罗在本世纪初最被人熟知的特色。当年卡斯特罗是一个自由港口,现在的项目基址在当时是一个临时火车站, 连接安库德和卡斯特罗的火车在此停靠。建筑的高度并没有参照城市监管计划允许的的 25 米,而是根据建筑物后面一个15米高的山坡而设计。

▼建筑设计草稿,design sketch of building ©Ortuzar Gebauer Arquitectos

From the beginning, the building presents itself as a large warehouse with a steel structure, recognizing and evoking the character of port which characterized Castro at the beginning of the century, when it was a free port and where the current site was an improvised train stop, train which connected Ancúd with Castro. The building define its height considering the 15 meters height hill which is at the back of the building and not the 25 meters that allowed the city´s regulatory plan.

▼建筑立面外观,building front view ©Pablo Casals

▼外观细部,exterior details ©Pablo Casals

▼使用钢材和木材建造的内部走廊,internal corridor made of steel and wood ©Pablo Casals

▼走廊细部,corridor details ©Nacho Almonacid

该建筑充分利用了独特的景观,向上抬高了一层,俯瞰着 palafitos(高跷房屋)的屋顶,并在第一层设有进出口和停车位。公寓被设于一楼以上的开放式楼层,框住了卡斯特罗运河的景观。公寓内部的公共空间和私人空间被由厨房和卫生间组成的“湿区”分隔。

The building takes advantage of the privileged views, raising one floor and looking over the roofs of the palafitos (stilt houses), housing in the first level the access and the parking slots. The apartments are developed in the upper floors as open plan and framing the views towards the channel of Castro.The public and private spaces are divided by a wet core: kitchen-bathroom

▼面向河景的阳台,balcony facing the river view ©Pablo Casals

▼面向河景的落地窗,french windows facing the river view ©Nacho Almonacid

▼公寓内部私人空间,inner private space of apartment ©Pablo Casals

▼项目基址,site of project ©Ortuzar Gebauer Arquitectos

▼一层平面图,first level plan ©Ortuzar Gebauer Arquitectos

▼二层平面图,second level plan ©Ortuzar Gebauer Arquitectos

▼三层平面图,thrid level plan ©Ortuzar Gebauer Arquitectos

▼四层平面图,forth floor plan ©Ortuzar Gebauer Arquitectos

▼复式公寓平面图,duplex plan ©Ortuzar Gebauer Arquitectos

▼西北角立面图,north-west elevation ©Ortuzar Gebauer Arquitectos

▼东北角立面图,north-east elevation ©Ortuzar Gebauer Arquitectos

▼剖面图,cross section ©Ortuzar Gebauer Arquitectos

▼细部构造图,detail construction ©Ortuzar Gebauer Arquitectos

Project team:Eugenio Ortúzar, Tania Gebauer, Tal Sustiel
Photography:Nacho Almonacid, Pablo Casals

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