Buha i rest Restaurant by Roman Plyus

A stylish concept bar and a lounge for luxury dining

Project Specs


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项目概述 | ABOUT


Buha|i|rest is the latest gastronomic hot spot located in a historical part of Budapest, Hungary. It advertises itself as a stylish concept bar and a lounge for luxury dining. During the 20th century the building had been home textile manufacture. The 1,148-square-foot (350-square-metre) speakeasy is divided into a bar and a more intimate lounge space.

▼餐厅酒吧,the bar of the restaurant ©Roman Plyus

the bar and sofa lounge of the restaurant ©Roman Plyus


平面布局 | PLANS

餐厅内设置着一个164平方英尺(50平方米)的咖啡吧。“客户想要一个超现代的空间,同时还要在空间中置入上一个项目中余留出来的老式Pierre Jeanneret座椅。”“这个空间就像社交平台上的照片一样,充满了戏剧性,氛围友好。”

▼空间轴测图,the axon drawing ©Roman Plyus

The 164-square-foot (50-square-metre) speakeasy is divided into a coffee-bar. “The client wanted an ultra modern space juxtaposed with a vintage chairs Pierre Jeanneret, which he left from the last project.” “With dramatic feelings, instagram views and a friendly atmosphere.”

▼超现实主义的咖啡吧,置入了两张老式Pierre Jeanneret座椅,
the  ultra modern coffee bar with vintage chairs Pierre Jeanneret ©Roman Plyus

details of the coffee bar that are elevated from the restaurant floor ©Roman Plyus




Most of the concrete arches and ceiling have been left in their found state. The floor tiles are reclaimed and materials are sustainably sourced. Clay-coloured leather cushions have been used to dress the bench seats. Throughout the restaurant, used the materials hand-glazed tiles, terracotta decorative plaster and marble for wall and bar. Menus and coasters are made of recycled paper and plastic.

overview of the dining area, reclaiming the original floor tiles ©Roman Plyus

the leather cushions have been used to dress the bench seats ©Roman Plyus

▼餐厅中央吧台,the central bar seating area ©Roman Plyus

▼窗边用餐空间,the dining area beside the window ©Roman Plyus

▼沙发区,the sofa lounge area ©Roman Plyus

partial view of the dining area beside the window ©Roman Plyus

▼桌面细节,desktop details ©Roman Plyus



本项目的惊喜之处在于其内设置了一个KAWS的“小小的谎言”的大型雕塑。也得益于此,餐厅变成了社交平台上的热门打卡地点。沙发区设有模块化的雕塑。该雕塑是当地工匠受到Alexander Calder的启发而手工制作的。

The surprise in this space are the huge sculpture of KAWS “Small Lie”. Which is a great find for instagram photos. Modular sculpture in the sofa area is handmade by local craftsmen inspired by Alexander Calder.

there is a huge sculpture of KAWS “Small Lie” in the restaurant ©Roman Plyus

▼平面布置图,layout plan ©Roman Plyus

Project name: Buha|i|rest
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Area: 350 sqr.m
Architect: Roman Plyus
Art consultant: Angelica Chernenko
Images by Roman Plyus
Year: 2020

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