Bromont Summit Chalet by Lemay

The simple form highlights the summit of a grandiose mountain

Project Specs


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A place of rest, relaxation and contemplation, it hasn’t taken long for the new Bromont Summit Chalet to become a popular haven for skiers and snowboarders. The result of a profound reflection on the relationship between landscape and architecture, the concept developed by Lemay helps to preserve the integrity of the landscape while enhancing the experience of its users who can appreciate the natural beauty of the surroundings thanks to generous fenestration.

▼小屋远景鸟瞰,distant aerial view of the chalet ©Phil Bernard


The chalet is long and made up of a white articulated volume that follows the shape of the summit, highlighting the splendour of the mountain and allowing visitors to take shelter in a warm, natural wooden nest, while remaining in contact with nature.

▼小屋鸟瞰图,采用白色屋顶,体量较长,aerial view of the chalet with a long and white articulated volume ©Phil Bernard

“对于这座早已闻名遐迩的山脉来说,本项目中的这个木制体量是一种精细且轻微的人工干预,”建筑事务所Lemay的高级合伙人兼设计负责人Eric Pelletier这样说道。“这座小屋形式简单,从而进一步地突出了山峰的雄伟和壮丽。”

“This grand gesture of wood is a delicate and subtle intervention on a mountain that is already magnificent in itself and appreciated by the community,” said Eric Pelletier, architect, senior partner and design principal at Lemay. “The chalet takes form as a simple line, highlighting the summit of a grandiose mountain.”

▼小屋设计草图,design sketch ©Lemay


The sober, assertive architecture of the new building unfolds smoothly thanks to a clever combination of geometry, intersection and transparency. It unites with the topography to frame the summit of Mont Brome by playing with the subtleties of the landscape, its colours, shadows and changing seasons. Compressing the space at certain times, dilating it at others, the architecture unfolds on several levels, offering spectators different observation points within the building.

▼小屋外观,形式简单,与地形相结合,exterior view of the chalet that takes form as a simple line, uniting with the topography ©Phil Bernard


▼白色屋顶坐落在建筑的玻璃外墙上,the vast white roof is supported by largely glazed walls ©Phil Bernard

▼白色的屋顶、木制的饰面和室外露台,the white roof, wooden shell and terrace ©Phil Bernard

Supported by largely glazed walls, its vast white roof stands out from the ground to create a living space where the user experience is amplified by the panoramic view of the landscape. Placed on the central volumes, this roof allows the user to explore the periphery and meander around the building. From below, the chalet exposes its interior wooden shell which, in the evening, diffuses a warm, soft and natural light onto the summit.

▼小屋室内,interior view of the chalet ©Phil Bernard

▼小屋室内,采用木饰面,interior view of the chalet with an exposed interior wooden shell ©Phil Bernard

▼小屋室内,玻璃外墙确保了景观视野,interior view of the chalet, the glazing walls provide a good view ©Phil Bernard

▼小屋室内局部,partial interior view of the chalet ©Phil Bernard

▼室内空间与室外露台相连,the interior space connects to the terrace ©Phil Bernard

▼在小屋的室外露台上观景,viewing the surroundings from the terrace of the chalet ©Phil Bernard

“其实从二十年前开始,我就在想什么时候才能在这座山顶上建造一座这样的小屋了,”Bromont滑雪场的总裁Charles Désourdy这样说道。“如今,这个简单的愿望终于实现了。凭借着其考虑周到的设计,这座小屋成为了这座山脉、这座城市、甚至是这整个地区的一个地标性建筑。它是一个理想的聚会场所,一定会带给人们非凡的感官体验,并给他们留下不可磨灭的记忆。”

“Twenty years ago, I was already thinking about this chalet at the top of the mountain, ”said Charles Désourdy, president of Bromont, mountain of experiences. “What was a simple vision has become reality. With its extremely thoughtful architecture, our chalet represents a signature location for the mountain, the city and the region, ”he continued. “This gathering place is ideal for creating extraordinary sensory experiences and indelible memories.”

▼室内空间局部,partial interior view ©Phil Bernard

▼室内走廊,interior corridor ©Phil Bernard

▼从室内看建筑外墙,viewing the exterior walls from inside ©Phil Bernard

▼室内木饰面细节,details of the interior wooden shell ©Phil Bernard


In addition to the chalet, the project includes the attached chairlift and its landing, a maintenance vehicle garage and a welcome pavilion for the ski resort that has been an economic hub for the City of Bromont for many years. Already popular with clients and visitors to the region, the summit chalet contributes to the mountain’s status as a must-see destination as well as a point of pride for Bromont.

▼黄昏时分的小屋,the chalet at dusk ©Phil Bernard

▼实体模型,physical model ©Lemay

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan ©Lemay

▼上层平面图,upper floor plan ©Lemay

▼剖面图,section ©Lemay

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