Brand Currency By Jade Dalloul

Are States becoming more and more companies ?

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In the past few decades, the world is changing and growing very fast, brands in some aspects boosting the economic growth and promoting the human development. As a brand, they are changing the ways of human living tangibly and intangibly. Then what if brands change their characters in the world and what if brands have their own currency?

In this sense, Dalloul creatively designed the “Brand Currency”, which used the picture of companies’s founder as if they were intellectual and political figures. Plus, he also put places related to their history as marks on the banknote. Imagined the worldwide influences of the currency, Dalloul designed both vertical and horizontal reading directions. This banknote used the uniform scale derived from the US dollar bill and make sure to respect the raster process and complexity against counterfeiting.















English text: Jade Dalloul
Chinese text: gooood editor Lu Lu

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