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我们致力于从城市生活中最为基本的层面寻找改进设计的机会。2222 Jackson 是对于”立体村庄”概念的首次实践。通过有趣的带凸窗的立面设计,我们改善了中部楼层的采光,同时创造了丰富的室外空间,二者都是目前的城市公寓中所最为珍贵的品质。

“We are always looking for opportunities to redefine some very fundamental aspects of what we’ve come to accept in urban living, and 2222 Jackson was our first project with which we began to explore the concept of a ‘vertical village.’ By designing a playful façade with projected bays, we were able not only to bring a flood of natural light to mid-façade “corner” units, but also to provide outdoor spaces, both very precious commodities not commonly available in the urban rental market.

– Eran Chen
Founder and Executive Director of ODA New York

ODA New York又添新作,独特设计颠覆纽约奢华公寓市场。这座名为2222 Jackson的项目毗邻纽约现代艺术博物馆PS1分馆(MoMA PS1)的服务公寓共有11层,175个居住单位。

Just steps from MoMA PS1 in white hot Long Island City Queens, ODA New York is upending the real estate market with an 11-story, 175-unit rental project to rival the best of luxury condo living.

▼像素化的立面仿佛来自未来世界,pixelated facade ©Image courtesy Miguel de Guzmán

▼从公寓可以看到MOMA PS1,view of MOMA PS1 from the apartment ©Image courtesy Pavel Bendov


Distinguished by its sculptural, almost pixelated, poured concrete exterior, 2222 Jackson is both an easy material compliment to neighboring PS1, and an exemplar of its designer’s larger mission: Adept at working within—rather than against—zoning constraints, ODA has once again focused on innovating architectural morphology in the interest of improving not only its residents’ everyday experience, but their general quality of life.

▼公寓成为了 MOMA PS1 的一道景观,view from MOMA PS1 ©Image courtesy Pavel Bendov

▼从车站看向公寓,view from the train station ©Image courtesy Pavel Bendov

建筑师创造性的使用了单体模块来构建建筑,创造出与众不同的形体。2222 Jackson公寓的基本设计理念来自于一系列简单的,服从模数体系的模块,每一个模块的开间都是12英尺宽。工作室单元占据一个开间,进深32英尺。一居室、两居室和三居室进深都是25英尺,分别占据两个、三个乃至四个开间。

Inventive use of individual modules forms the foundation for 2222 Jackson, yielding its distinctive silhouette. Jackson was conceived, first and foremost, as a simple, modular grid comprising a sequence of bays, each twelve feet wide. Studio apartments are 32 feet in length and occupy the width of one bay, while the one, two, and three bedroom units are each 25 feet long and capture two, three, and four bays respectively.

▼人视,pedestrian view ©Image courtesy Miguel de Guzmán


Typifying ODA’s modus operandi, wherein form never precedes function, this strategic modular approach has implications well beyond simple aesthetics. Given the greater length relative to other units, each studio apartment projects seven feet past Jackson’s façade line, producing two significant benefits: mid-facade “corner” windows and a terrace for the apartment above.

▼独特的立面来自功能设计的结果,form never precedes function ©Image courtesy Miguel de Guzmán


The ultimate result is a substantial increase in available outdoor space (30% more than the original footprint would have allowed) distributed over a powerful composition of 50 terraces scattered along the exterior—a three-dimensional cascade of life and activity.

▼夕阳中的光影,at sunset ©Image courtesy Miguel de Guzmán


By playing with the massing in this way, ODA rejects what would otherwise be a generic rental box, instead producing a new template for working within common zoning constraints: an axonometric structure with a uniquely articulated façade accommodating substantial outdoor areas (highly coveted(梦寐以求) though often conventionally impractical amenities in many urban environments). The firm’s straightforward, modular design also allows for vastly increased flexibility and adaptability in layout, while simultaneously facilitating a simplified, streamlined, and highly efficient construction process.

▼对于历史的回应,a connection with history


Inside 2222 Jackson, the exterior material palette is mirrored in large swaths of exposed concrete suffusing the triple-height lobby. And throughout the building, ODA’s installed a multitude of high-end appointments and amenities: An amenity club—complete with airy, sky-lit indoor pool and adjacent landscaped terrace; residents’ lounge; and state-of-the-art fitness center—graces a third floor mezzanine. And an expansive rooftop deck provides sweeping views of Manhattan.

▼三层通高的大堂体现了室内外风格的统一,triple-height lobby ©Image courtesy Miguel de Guzmán

▼与大堂相连的二层休息区,lounge ©Image courtesy Miguel de Guzmán


Units themselves are congruently well appointed: Each unit features expansive windows, white oak flooring, custom stone countertops, and high-end appliances. Residents also have enviable access to onsite valet parking, as well as washers/dryers on every floor.

▼游泳池,swimming pool ©Image courtesy Miguel de Guzmán

▼华灯初上,night view ©Image courtesy Miguel de Guzmán

▼ 体块生成逻辑,processing of volume ©Image courtesy ODA

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