Bon no Tana by Takao Shiotsuka Atelier

Abstract statue on the central of a roundabout

Project Specs


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▼雕塑外观,external view of the statue ©Tetsuya YASHIRO

A monument on the central island of a roundabout in Ajimu, Usa City, Oita Prefecture, Japan. It was inspired by the mirror image of the mountains that would have been reflected in the Ajimu Basin, which was once a lake. To ensure visibility at the intersection, steel pipes of different lengths were hung at equal intervals. Like a statue shimmering on the surface of the water, it changes its appearance depending on the viewing position. When you go around the intersection with the monument at the center, the statue itself seems to be moving in sync with the movement of your viewpoint. By the way, the pipes hanging from the circular lattice-shaped shelves are an abstraction of the grape growing shelves in Ajimu. Some of the pipes are solid iron pipes that reach to the ground and serve as supports for the monument. The color scheme is inspired by the nature that makes up the Ajimu landscape. It is also the pastel colors of the plaster murals of the traditional culture of Ajimu.

aerial view of the project located at the center of a roundabout ©Tetsuya YASHIRO

▼从道路看向雕塑,view to the statue from the road ©Tetsuya YASHIRO

▼雕塑随观察位置的不同而变化,statue changes with the viewpoint ©Tetsuya YASHIRO

pipes hung from the circular trellis as an abstraction of the grape shelves ©Tetsuya YASHIRO

▼细部,details ©Tetsuya YASHIRO

▼夜景,night view ©Tetsuya YASHIRO

Title of project: Bon no Tana
Architect: Takao Shiotsuka
Location: Usa-city, Oita, Japan
Date of completion: March, 2021
Use: Monument
Structure: steel
Photography: Tetsuya YASHIRO

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